Sai Baba blessed a girl to get admission to do a Ph.D. in a foreign University after several failures

Om Sai Ram,

I shared a story where our house was saved from the fire by Sai Baba. Today, I have another miracle to share it with you.

This miracle starts in the year 2016.

I graduated from an average college with a degree in engineering in 2015. I was never much interested in the engineering field, but I didn’t know what I liked or what I truly wanted to do.

Back then, I was looking for a job, but I couldn’t get any. But that was another Sai Leela. Thanks to Sai Baba, we got some of my father’s property after twenty years.

In 2016, I had no idea what to do. It seemed impossible to get a good job. Then, I saw your post: Your life will be good if you do PhD

I think that you will recognize me now. I have also mailed you that I started preparing for Ph.D. admission after seeing your post.

After consulting with my mother that year, I also took the GATE exam and qualified it. I was called for Ph.D. interviews at a premium institute (I won’t say the name).

we managed to visit Kamakhya Temple in Assam and prayed to Maa for my selection.

Kamakhya Temple in Assam
Goddess statue in Kamakhya Temple

However, I received a strange message from Sai Baba when I was waiting for the interview result at the institute:

“Are you able enough to do a PhD?” His voice rang in my head.

I realized that I wouldn’t get selected. And that exactly what happened. I came back to Delhi and applied for M.Tech. I managed to get into three premium Institutes in different M.Tech courses.

I didn’t know which one to choose. So, I wrote the course names and institute names in chits. Then, I picked one of them after praying to Sai Baba for guidance. The chit that appeared in my hand had the name of the institute that was close to my home. I decided to join that.

But there was another major problem: I couldn’t afford the fees at that moment.

I was hoping to get an education loan, but I didn’t know how to. The bank told me that I had to get an admission slip. But getting an admission slip was only possible after getting admission and paying the fees.

Sidhi Vinayaka Ganesha Temple at Rohini Sector 14, Delhi

There was a Ganesh Mandir near the bank. I prayed to Sai Baba and Shri Ganesha.

When I went to the bank again, I dared to ask the Manager if he can give me a letter of proof that my loan would be passed if I get the admission slip.

I was planning to use that letter to get into the Institute and pay the fees later.

The Manager was really kind. He helped me that day. I went to the Institute. There, I met the professor who was in charge of the Admission in the branch. He let me get admission without paying fees. Within a week, the bank approved my loan and I was able to pay the fees.

Sai Baba always helps us meet people who can help us. If he truly wants something, it’s impossible that it won’t happen.

Through that M.Tech course, I got many opportunities. I went to a premier research Institute for internships. I met many intelligent and kind people who have helped me grow. However, I had to struggle after graduation.

From 2018 to this date, I applied at numerous places in India for PhD, and I got rejected.

I didn’t manage to qualify CSIR JRF by 0.02 marks, and the same happened with JEST.

At some places, I was asked why I even applied during the interview. They told me to apply somewhere else.

I was growing hopeless. I really wanted to do a PhD and start my career in research. I didn’t know what to do.

But I met someone who told me to apply abroad.

Actually, I have been told to apply abroad by many people, but I was stubborn about wanting to do a Ph.D. in India. Also, I didn’t have enough confidence that a foreign institute would take me.

I applied to a few places abroad, but I got rejection letters. It didn’t hurt me much. I was used to rejections. I thought that it was impossible for me to pursue a career in research.

But Sai Baba didn’t let me down. He gave me a work-from-home job. I earned more than what I would have earned at a regular engineering job. I even rejected job offers because they paid me less than what I earned as a content developer from home.

Thanks to Sai Baba’s grace, our family is safe during the pandemic that caused numerous job losses. He truly takes care of us as if we are his two eyes.

In February 2020, I tried to take IELTS. For some strange reason, I couldn’t submit the fees for IELTS and my exam got canceled. Then, the lockdown began. I couldn’t take IELTS, but I applied for a university that didn’t require IELTS.

The interview for that University was on 28th MAY 2020.

This date is significant. I took the interview, and it didn’t go well. My laptop didn’t have a web camera. So, I had to use the phone. Also, a few other things happened. The interview was terrible. I didn’t think that I would get selected.

On June 24th 2020, I received the result: I was rejected.

I was distraught after that. And I was angry at Sai Baba. I was also tired of rejection, but my mother asked me to apply one more time at the same university. I said that I wouldn’t apply in the same department. Then, I decided to apply to another department – Physics.

With my engineering degree, I thought that it would be highly difficult for me to get into the Physics department. I didn’t have a foundation in physics.

The Interview date was 25th August 2020. By now, I had started to have anxiety issues. My mind was too negative.

I was thinking of skipping the interview because I was afraid of failure.

A day before the interview, the episode about Cholkar in TV SERIES — SAI BABA TERE HAZARON HATH. In this episode, Cholkar had failed the exam and he was worried about his job. Then, he met Sai Baba who told him that all hope wasn’t lost and he should keep trying.

When Cholkar went to his office and met with his senior officer, he was told that he had another chance to retake the exam after three months.

I didn’t pay attention to the episode, but my mother did. The episode was telecasted again on the morning of 25th August 2020. I ignored it again. I didn’t want to hear Sai Baba’s cryptic messages. I thought that I would fail again.

The interview was at home through an online medium. I was too nervous. I started to have an anxiety attack again. My mother was praying. I was slightly irritated. Then, I prayed to Sai Baba:

“Sai, if you can’t get me selected to that place, at least don’t let me get humiliated during the interview. Keep my reputation.”

The interview went smoothly. I managed to answer all the questions. After the interview, I was too happy. I felt positive. My anxiety went away. Then, my mother told me to see Cholkar’s episode again. I decided to search it on YouTube.

If you see the episode, you will see that Cholkar got the opportunity to retake the exam after three months of failing the first exam. He could have passed the first exam by bribing or using other wrong means, but he didn’t choose to do it that way. After three months, he passed the exam with the highest marks.

Now, look at the dates of my interviews. The number of days between 28th May 2020 and 25th August 2020 is 90. I gave the interview for the same university (but different departments) after three months. It is strange that the episode was aired right before my interview day, and repeated on my interview day too.

The message in the episode was clear. I suggest that all of you, especially those who are struggling in their career, should read the chapter in Sai Satcharita where Cholkar is blessed with a Job by Sai grace.

Sai Satcharita Chapter 15

Beautiful Shirdi Sai Baba Statue in N’s home in Delhi

Today, I got the result of the interview. I am selected for the PhD program in a foreign university that is in the top 200 universities in the world. None of the Indian universities is in the top 300.

If Sai Baba disappoints us, it means that he is redirecting us to something better.

Sometimes, we don’t understand his messages or his ways. But it will work out in the end because he won’t give up on us, even if we have given up.


Hope you like this Sai leela friends. The way N. wrote her efforts to do Ph.D and how she got admission in a reputed university should inspire those who aspire to achieve in academics.

Look at her years of struggle and how Saibaba helped me sail through tough times in her life. Similarly, Saibaba will help you also.

You should work hard, keep trying and leave the rest to Saibaba. Never get disappointed and get depressed. Keep yourself fresh and active.

You could also learn about how Shirdi Sai Baba helped my Sister to continue her studies in school and how she did her Ph.D. in Germany. See the below link.

Education is the Greatest Blessing

Video of this Sai leela

Sai will do good to you.

Om Sai Ram


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