Learn. Experiment and be creative

Sairam friends,

I am honestly bored telling what’s happening in my life in StarSai. Please send your experiences with Sai as that will help other devotees love Sai.

My Sister would have submitted for her grant yesterday and she has started to write the next one immediately. To be a scientist, one needs funding and she works really hard to get it.

I do very little learning and writing compared to my Sister. My Mom often tells me that I shouldn’t be lazy and learn from my Sister.

Thankfully, these days, I am experimenting with multiple projects because it helps me divert my mind.

I have come across several Sai devotees looking for ways to come out of their problems.

The truth is that, you should use your time productively.

Keep learning, experimenting and do something creative.

Never be idle and wonder why your life is so pathetic.

Sai helps for sure but sometimes you have to help yourself.

I love inspiring people to learn and grow ahead in their Career.

Ok Tata


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