Judging someone based on their possession

Sairam friends,

I was filming the past 2 days to make few Promo videos in the place I work. I enjoyed it on the first day but on the second day, I did not had mood to shoot but I got enough footage to edit.

Sometimes, its depressing as I don’t know how long I will be working here. I met one of this lady from another company. We were talking for couple of hours at night and she kept saying don’t stay in this company. he he…

I told her that I don’t want to move as my parents are too old and weak and all opportunities I get are in Bangalore and Chennai.

She said, you are not quitting your job because you think that you know people here and you are in a comfort zone.

This is true because I also worry a lot about moving to another company and starting fresh. I told her, I will give myself 6 months time to decide.

I also enjoy the drama of what’s happening. Eventually, I wanted to see where its going to end.

Its not so bad as if I am a refugee from Syria finding a place to live. I simply wanted to be persistent and see where it takes me.

Few years back, I loved filmmaking as a process but now whenever I do Photography or any filming, I think about how to use it for digital marketing – Search engine optimization.

If you are marketing or sales professional, you could relate to me. Even when you make a content, you start to build framework of how you are going to use it.

Videos help a webpage to rank better on Google. I am also doing a personal project to experiment Google ranking with photography and video.

If you are a Startup, please make videos. It could be interviews, events, someone speaking about a product or solution or even a simple screencapture.

If you are in India, write to me and if you don’t have a budget, simply use a good quality phone to film and edit it.

If you can pick a topic and speak about it as a thought leader for 2 minutes that’s much better. If the content is good, its great but only when you keep speaking, you can improve.

I never do anything to rank StarSai on Google but when you know something, it naturally gets embedded in whatever you do. I wish all my commercial websites also gets 50,000 visitors a month…he he.

Now, coming to the theme of the article, these days, whenever I meet any Photographers or Videographers, I speak to them, learn about their business and the industry.

Something I have learned about wedding photographers in India is that they judge other photographers based on the Camera they posses.

The photographer was telling me, when he is on a wedding shoot, another photographer looks at him inferiorly if he is using a Cannon or Nikon Model.

Seems, if you own a highend Sony, you are super cool.

If you shoot with basic models of Cannon or Nikon, you are average

I myself have a very basic DSLR Camera and I know its limitations. Its hard to use it in some situations. I agree, quality directly relates to the kind of equipment you use.

I told him, you can’t judge a good photographer based on the camera he/she uses to shoot.

He replied that none bothers about it and the industry itself has become like that.

He added, “Its like, if somone owns a BMW and I own a Maruti Car, then, they think he/she is superior than me”

I told him that I speak to Photographers in all the countries but only in places like India, we are developing such strange differentiation.

In the U.S, If you use a basic DSLR model to shoot wedding photography, other photographers just smiles to you and does not think anything.

I mean, basically, there’s nothing to even think or judge someone.

The same applies to attitude when someone works if a super cool company and the other guy/girl works in a small company.

You can’t judge people based on their possession, designation or salary.

Its unfortunate that we are ranking people and their skills based on what they posses and not what they do.

Anyway, It was fun speaking to ordinary people. He missed to have lunch and asked for biscuit packet. Someone asked him to wait for no reason and he could not have lunch. I felt really bad about it.

Don’t make anyone wait for you without a purpose.

My Sister’s daughter is making a Documentary on Astronaut Kalpana Chawla. I am helping her and teaching her filmmaking. In her 6th grade, she’s making her first film and I am happy about it.

Ok Tata


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