When people comment on your appearance, they should know that you crossed the stage to worry about your looks

Sairam friends,

Navratri has begun. On Saturday, my Amma, Appa, Santha Ka (our maid) and myself arranged the Statues in our gollu. My Mom has become too weak these days and she prays that Goddess should bless her with good health to take care of pooja for this Navratri.

At night, we sat infront of the statues and admired our Gollu especially because we have been keeping this for over 35 years.

Later, I went to Nagasai mandir. The shop anna asked me offer garland on the Saibaba statues on terrace. So I went to terrace of Saibaba temple and felt happy to see the newly painted statues of Baba.

It’s truly beautiful to see Sai in all colors and glory.

Later, I came down and spent few minutes reading a Sai Book.

After the temple was closed, I waited sometime outside to chat with my friends. One of my friend saw my head and said that I lost all my hair.

I told him that, I have been having hair loss for over 5 years and its obvious that I look like this. I said

I am getting old. So what do you expect from me? I am not bothered about it.

He smiled and walked away.

There are millions of people who worry about their looks.

Few years back, my Sai friend Apurva used to worry about black circles in her face. Now, She’s completely fine.

I also get mails from some devotees who are bothered about how they look.

If you are young, you might face peer pressure in keeping yourself fit and also look good. You should keep yourself fit to an extent but remember, you are living your life. Just make sure, it doesn’t hurt your health. That’s enough. You can’t be perfect like how others want you to be.

To be honest, the world works in a strange way. People perceive you based on the way you look.

Most of the people get into depression due to comments they hear about their looks.

Well, when you come across such comments, I hope you don’t feel bad about it. You should cross the stage in your life when you worry about your looks.

Now a days, I just live my life

I don’t really have to look good. Atleast not how the world expects me to be.

Sai blessings


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