Smile even when you get tensed and frustrated

Sairam friends,

Usually, I get frustrated when people drive crazy in their bike and car. I shout at people if they are not driving responsibly. I honk to ensure people don’t slide into my path.

My Father often tells me that I shouldn’t bother no matter how much other people bother me and should remain calm. Irrespective of that, I have this habit of getting tensed.

There’s a road on my way to work where on the right side is a concrete platform and hence its slightly above the road. So people who drive left can go easily but those who come on other side had to get over the concrete platform and drive for which they have to slow down.

Last morning, While driving to work, I suddenly found a girl not wanting to get over the concrete platform on road. Instead, she drove very close to my car to pass by. Initially, I wondered what she’s tried to do.

Later, I saw the girl driving the car and signaled my hands to tell her she should go on her side of the road.

I was frowning my face while getting irritated about her pathetic driving. To my surprise, the girl was not upset that I am shouting at her. She was smiling at me and very cool. She was happy that she drove the way she wants to drive making me get frustrated.

She kept smiling and passed by my car.

You know smile is contagious. Looking at this girl smiling, I also smiled back. I realized that there’s always a better way to lead life.

It’s not necessary to get frustrated and show faces to complete strangers

This girl’s behavior taught me that I should learn to smile even when people bother me on road and in any other situations in life.

Something, I like about the U.S is that, atleast in smaller towns when people aren’t rushing, they smile to people they pass by. In India, even if we know someone as a colleague or otherwise, if they are not close to them, we just give a neutral expression and walk away.

At night, I went to Saibaba temple and started home. Again, I saw a girl trying to slide into the muddy are beyond road to go ahead of all drivers. I got irritated and signaled her with frustration not to do it.

Later, I realized the morning incident and wanted to practice to be cool even when things that’s not right happens infront of me.

Basically, I seem to get irritated with anything unrighteous happening on planet Earth..he he

But I should adjust and move on. May be, Sai wants me to be cool.

These days, I am remembering Goddess Karumari Amman as she came in my dream 4 days back. I asked my parents if there’s a famous temple of Godddess Karu Maari Amman.

They said its in Thiruverkadu in Chennai. They say that we have visited the temple but I can’t remember. The featured photo is of Goddess Karumariamman. I kept chanting Sai Karumariamman in mind.

You could see, I often get pulled by some Goddess or the other. I never intentionally remember names of these Goddess. Believe me or not, most of the Goddess came in my dream and made me show devotion on them.

I am starting to work now.

I like helping people park their car and do little I could when I am driving for others. May be, I should also remain calm and cool.

Sai blessings


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