Never hold on to materialistic possession. Sometimes you have to ignore it

Sairam friends,

A month back, my Car slipped into a Canal in Kerala when I took my relatives to Meenkulathi Bagavathi temple. Sai did warn about it in dream but Sai also told the words “JCP” in dream.

While taking reverse my car couldn’t manage to pull forward as it was slippery and the grasses near road just took us down the canal smoothly. None of us were hurt. We all walked out safe but we were 10 feet below road.

As soon as I went up to the road, I asked for JCP to some men. They helped me so much. Almost 20 people were there to bring my Car back on road with the help of JCP.

It took 2 hours but I never feared. I know Saibaba is going to help me out. I also started believing in humanity because many locals going by that way stopped by and started helping me.

I won’t consider it as a big miracle of Saibaba because Sai has done a lot more to me. Its just another leela of Sai.

Sometimes, Saibaba cannot completely stop an calamity or difficult situation but Sai will surely send us help and take us out of the difficulty.

There’s another message Sai gave me through this incident. All our materialistic possession are also protected by Sai but we should not be attached to them.

At one point, we should let them go to safeguard ourselves.

The same applies to relationship.

Sometimes, You might have to quit your girlfriend/Boyfriend if you find that they don’t deserve you. It’s painful but its better to move on.

These days, every morning, I listen to Skandha Guru Kavasam as I go to work. It mentions a lot about detachment and how one should be able to see the light of Lord Murugan within themselves.

It helps me stay detached. Well. Honestly. May be not because I still find myself attached to so many things in my life.

You should fight for your rights. You should speak up for your rights but never loose your temper and stay cool because nothing is going to stay with you forever.

Secondly, I also don’t like to spread a narrow minded message that you should restrict yourself to religious karma.

Example – In 2005, I used to give Sai photos to devotees and assumed its a good karma. Gradually, I stopped it because I felt it just makes people happy. It doesn’t change their life.

Lets say you donate some money in temple for food offering. Fine. Its good karma. But does that change a specific individual’s life?

It doesn’t.

Having said that giving food is truly a good karma.

Just that, I wanted to do something practically.

Let’s say – You help someone get a job. That’s a good karma.

You guided someone to do well in their Career. That’s a good karma.

You stayed with your friend when they are hospitalized. That’s a good karma too.

The problem with India is that we are only thinking about religious activities the moment we wanted to do good. We can do good in so many other ways in our day to day life.

May be others are doing it and I am not doing it. That’s why I complain.

I did take effort. I wanted to do something that changes someone’s life. One person at a time.

Lets see what I am going to do with my life.

I am deeply scared of my life. Something isn’t right.

Hope Saibaba shows me a way.

Sometimes, ignore all the obstacles and difficulties. Sometimes, ignore your materialistic possession. Live FREE!

Om Sai Ram


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