Sai blessed me with Dashama of Gujarat in dream

Sairam friends,

Last morning, I had a very strange dream. It was like I am in my Sister’s home in the U.S and I am cleaning something. I see myself cleaning a long table. The table is stuck with many papers of the holy book of veda.

My Sister asks me why I am cleaning right from the moment I came to her home?

Then, I take one of the paper in my hand and tell my Sister

“It says this is Chapter 1142. No other book is so big and holy”

After a while, I had another dream.

In this dream, I saw a little temple inside which there’s dark stone statue of a Camel.

As I woke up, I was wondering if there are any temple with Camel statue or Goddess having Camel as their vehicle?

I was busy at work but was curious to know what Sai meant by showing me a temple of Camel?

Dashama camel temple
Dashama temple

I came to Saibaba temple at night and was searching online to learn significance of why Sai showed Camel in dream.

Finally, I found that there’s a Goddess in Gujarat by name Dashama. Seem’s people worship her to have good Dasha ( Time period) in their life.

Until late in the night, I was remembering “Sai Dashama” and chanting her holy name.

Many of you who follow StarSai would have realized that mostly Goddess comes to me in dream and makes me love her. Earlier, I used to worship Karni Mata of Rajasthan. Now, Dasha ma.

One of my friend in Saibaba temple said she’s like Kaali and you are blessed.

I slept blisfully remembering Dashama of Gujarat.

Dashama temple
Dashama temple

I also messaged my friend Ashish Modi asking about the Goddess as he lives in Gujarat. He told me that She’s famous there and this month is auspicious for her as people do vrat for her.

He also said you are blessed by Dashama which is why you would have seen Camel temple in dream.

I am getting late for work now.



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