How Sai inspired me to recite Durga Sahasranamam?

Sairam friends,

Durga Sahasranamam is 1000 sacred names of Goddess Durga. I have been devoted to Goddess Durga for over 21 years. I used to offer Lemon Garland to Durga and light lemon lamps.

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In this article, I will tell you why I started chanting Durga Sahasranamam. If you don’t have time to read my story, scroll down for the main article about Mother Durga.

The past few years, we have been facing some issues in the neighborhood. I could easily ignore that but I personally never encourage anything wrong happening near my home. So I was really concerned about it. The past few years Sai has shown several dreams on how the open space near our home which belongs to the Government organization will be misused.

Some guys were regularly drinking in the spot which made me feel I should not ignore that. The whole State of Tamilnadu is ruined because the Government runs the liquor shops which is humiliating.

Secondly, though most people in western countries drink, only in India, guys drink in public places disturbing others and also involve in unnecessary conversation and violence. I was wondering if I could report this to concerned authorities but I don’t have much contacts in Coimbatore. So I tolerated it for over 10 years.

Kanaka Durga
Goddess Kanaka Durga

Before one year, Saibaba started warning me saying, if I fear for these guys and let them drink near home, then the place will be completely ruined and they will even start to sleep there itself.

So I started requesting these guys not to come there. I had always been polite to them and they also listened to me. But again, they started appearing there some other day to drink.

Sai asked me to warn them but also asked me to remain calm!

Well, how can you do it? I am not supposed to speak but I have to speak very little. I am not supposed to interact with them because if conversation goes bad, they might develop enmity with me. These guys are also from our colony and hence I don’t want anyone to develop enmity on me.

Further, their intention has never been to harm us. They were basically disturbing us which others can adjust but I won’t. I don’t want to encourage guys drinking just few feets from our home.

The past one month, this issue has been troubling me a lot. I was restless and always worried why Saibaba blessed us with the home in the corner only because of which we had to face such troubles.

I love my home and Saibaba has blessed me with several dreams in the past 5 years to prove how he is protecting us. I will be living only in this home for rest of my life. So I have the responsibility to keep the neighborhood clean and safe.

In December 2015, Saibaba blessed me with a dream as if I am visiting a Bhadrakali temple in which Goddess Kali is facing North in Sri Lanka. Thankfully, The Bhadrakali temple in Saibaba colony, Coimbatore is also the one who’s facing North. So I started worshiping her. It’s like Sai wants me to worship Kali who will secure our home and our family.

But these guys basically used to come to the open space outside home to drink. I was really irritated but I remained calm as I take all action based on Saibaba’s instruction. I don’t have anyone to help me in neighborhood. I am left all alone in this issue.

5 days back, Sai blessed me with a dream in which I hear the words “Vedham”. I immediately woke up and read basics about the 4 Vedhas in Hinduism.

I understood Sai is guiding me to read scriptures and a powerful mantra.

Later, My Father who serves in the local Ganesha temple in our colony kept a book on the table which I spotted. Its a book I bought years back “Durga Sahasranama”.

It was an evening when I completed my work. So I decided to sit in my hall and started reading it. Like many of you, I am not good in reading Sanskrit mantras and slokas. But I always try to.

I love reading Lalitha Sahasranamam. I know Aditya Hrudayam by heart as I practiced it immensely.

This book of Durga Saharanamam was really sweet. Just that the words were hard for me to pronounce. But I don’t mind it. I simply read with the best of my ability.

I started reading at 6.30. In between, I went to local temple. I sat opposite to Goddess Thaiyalnayagi Amman and recited the book. Then, again I sat in the terrace of our house and started reciting.

I felt really blissful as I am reading Durga Sahasranama for the past few days. It’s truly by Saibaba’s grace and inspiration that my mind focused on reading this good book than simply sitting and fearing or worrying about my life.

Believe it or not, you should take lots of effort to read Durga Sahasranamam but when you really do it, you will become a different person. You will never fear for anyone. You will feel positive changes happening in your personal life and Career.

Goddess Durga as Mahisasura Mardini
Goddess Durga as Mahisasura Mardini – Painting used with curtesy

Why I love Goddess Durga?

Sometime in 1999, a priest in Perur Pateeswaran temple of Coimbatore who’s close to our family had told my parents to ask me to light lemon lamps to Goddess Durga in temple every Sunday between 4.30 to 6 PM ( Ragu Kaal). The priest’s name if Mani Iyer about whom I have written in first chapter of my book – Sai Mother

21 years back, I have hardly seen men lighting lamps in temples. Now a days, both men and women light lamps.

I still remember the day my Father took me to Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore, Chennai. I truly love the Goddess Durga there. She’s graceful.

My Father bought a lemon, cut it, took out the juice and we lit the lemon lamp. How can I describe the days I used to go alone from the next week to Kapaleeswarar temple and offer lemon garland and Kumkum archana for Goddess Durga.

I love the fragrance emerging from this beautiful spot in the temple.

My devotion on Karni Mata – Women Saint of Rajasthan

In 2012, I was facing very painful issue in my life. So naturally, I was in search of a women saint as I love all Goddess. Fortunately, I liked saint Karni Mata who lived in a place called Deshnok in Rajasthan – The famous Rat temple of India.

Karni Mata is incarnation of Goddess Durga before 600 years. Here is an article I wrote about her – Karni Mata, Incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Once, I chanted

Sai Karni

Sai Karni

Sai Karni

continuously in my mind for 3 days. I was going to office, traveling but in my mind, I was chanting remembering Shirdi Sai Baba and Karni Mata. On the 3rd day night, I suddenly, felt a small statue of Karni Mata emerging near my bed while sleeping. She was there for fraction of second and immediately disappeared.

Karni Mata
Karni Mata – Goddess Durga Incarnation

I never say the fact that I had a vision of Karni Mata as if its a big miracle. I never call these stuff as miracle. These are just experiences Sai gives me to learn the greatness of chanting.

So while reading Durga Sahasranamam, my habit is to remember both Goddess Durga and also her incarnation – Karni Mata.

A Sai guru in Shirdi has once told me not to worship Karni Mata because only people who do black magic worship her. It’s wrong. Like Goddess Durga, Karni Mata is also compassionate and good hearted.

I call her Karni and speak to her like I call Sai and speak to him in my heart.

Being pure to worship fierce Goddess

Varahi Amman, Durga, Kaali and Karni Mata has to be worshiped with pure heart. You should have good habits. You should not drink liquor and try your best to live in sync with nature. Then, surely all these Goddess will bless you though they are fierce.

Benefits of reading Durga Saharanamam

It takes lots of effort to read holy mantra like Durga Sahasranamam. For devotees like us, who are not well versed in Sanskrit, its really hard. So one will be motivated to read Durga Sahasranamam when I tell them its benefits.

1.You will feel blissful when you complete reading Durga Saharanamam

2.You will feel the presence of divine Goddess Durga when you read it.

3. The deep fear and depression in your chest will fly away as soon as you start to read Durga Sahasranama.

4. You will feel more brave and bold to face the world. You can handle any issues in life.

5. You will be blessed with positive results in studies and career. Well, this also involves lots of patience. But eventually, you will be successful.

6. You will feel prosperity coming to you.

7. You will be able to give back all your debts. So Durga helps you to get rid of worries of financial insecurity.

8. Your sorrows will change as peace and happiness.

9. For those who wish to marry and those who wish to be blessed with a child, Durga Saharanamam is a gift. Please atleast listen to it regularly whenever you find time.

I can keep on writing but I have been writing this article for more than 2 hours. I will keep adding to Sai and Goddess Durga leela in this article.

There seem to be another version of Durga Sahasranamam but I like the one recited in the below video.

Durga Sahasranamam by Tangirala Lakshmi Murty

She’s rendered the song so beautifully that you feel divine in your chest and also it helps me to recite the mantra with the right pronunciation. I am just practicing to recite better.

I have also uploaded Durga Sahasranamam in the below Google Drive link for those who don’t have access to above YouTube Video.

Durga Sahasranamam MP3 – Hope it works!

I remember falling in love with any Durga temples In visit. I especially love the tall Durga of Pateeswaram in Thenupuriswarar Temple in Tamilnadu.

Here’s here beautiful photograph

Pateeswaram Durga
Goddess Durga of Pateeswaram in Tamilnadu, India

Few years back, I made to list the 1000 holy names of all Gods and Goddess. Somehow, I don’t have time to write a lot there.

So thankfully, Sai, Goddess Durga and Karni Mata inspired me to write this article in StarSai.

I also made a poster for Sai devotees as below

Listen to Sahasranama of Goddess

Hope you will also try to listen or recite Durga Saharanama. Kindly search for good books of Durga Sahasranama in your language to help you to read it while listening.

You can also search online for lyrics but as I said, I found 2 different versions of Durga Sahasranama lyrics. I like one in the video I posted,

Worship Sai and Goddess Durga.

Mother Durga will bless you with immense peace, prosperity and happiness.

Om Sai Ram


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