My Faith is bigger than my Fear. My Sai Baba is bigger than my problems

Sairam friends,

Though I have work from home, my mind isn’t at peace due to lock-down. I am also worried about my parents health and my own life. So I am trying to do some work for Saibaba and keep myself engaged.

Thankfully, Sai devotees also help me by sharing their love for Saibaba and their experiences.

Here’s a devotees experience from Navya.


I would want you to post my experience of Sai Baba’s countless miracle.

I was always a below average girl in everything during my growing up years, just making it through life with its obstacles. So coming straight to my engineering days when I was struggling with ATKTs every semester all of a sudden I started visiting Sai Baba’s temple.

(ATKT – Allowed to keep terms in Indian Education System helps students of pre-graduation and graduation to study in the next grade if they have failed in 1 to 4 subjects.)

This was back in 2008, though since childhood I used to bow to a Sai Baba idol on my way to school but never worshiped Sai Baba whole heartedly or put any thought on him.

Even my sudden regular visits to his temple situated near my home was weird considering nobody from my family went and usually at an age of say 18 spiritual enlightenment is rare.

And then, the miracles in my life began and everything changed for me.

From a girl who got KTs in few subjects to the girl who started clearing all subjects, I became the topper of my branch! It was huge for me and my family, in fact my sister also started visiting Sai Baba temple and started benefiting from it.

This was all my Sai Baba’s grace and I could feel it all around. From an unlucky unnoticed girl I had become this lucky girl who turned everything she touched to gold.

What wonderful years were those, be it academic or personal issues, I was on a roll and nothing could have been better. I got placed in the best company and early on campus. Got the joining much before others thanks to my Sai Baba. My blessings had become countless and my faith in him was bigger than ever.

Then I was put in a project in my new company which I didn’t like at all as the team was not good and the office location was too far from my house. The long working hours and the extended travel made my life miserable. I was very unhappy and again went to my Sai Baba for help. I prayed, cried and pleaded to my Baba and my Baba once again came to my rescue.

Out of nowhere things fell into place. I was released from my current project and got a new project exactly in the location I wished for. This was far from coincidence and visibly miracle of my Sai Baba to whom I am indebted for life.

The journey of miracles continued. I got into MBA with the least of efforts compared to my other classmates. Though placement came to be little late and with challenges but I was placed in a very good company where I have been working for 6 years.

Its not that, we as Sai Baba’s child don’t face any difficulties in life at all. We do but we know that he wont let us be miserable for a long time.

Many times I have been denied of what I wished for and I have been disappointed and expressed my anger to my Sai Baba but with time realized that it all happened for good.

Sometimes, being denied of what we want is to give us something better.

We as humans think we know what is right for us but our Sai Baba knows better for us, hence we should have full faith in him and have Saburi because he will never ever let his children suffer for nothing. He will not let us be miserable for ever. Its just a matter of time.

In our moments of doubt we should remember our past miracles and have faith that Sai Baba will never leave his children in distress.

It been wonderful 12 years of Sai Baba’s countless blessings and love and my faith in him is what keeps me going. I wish this faith and love I have for him be there with me till my last breath. I feel blessed to have experienced his presence in my life.

Thank you Sai Baba for accepting me. I am indebted to you in this life and all lives ahead. May I forever keep chanting your holy name as that is the only way I know and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Om Sai Ram

Om Sai Ram

Om Sai Ram

Navya Chandrasekar

After many days, I enjoyed reading this devotees experience especially because she has described her journey and not just a single incident. I want girls and guys to be ambitious and dream big. Irrespective of the initial failures, Sai will eventually bless you with success and happiness.

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