How Shirdi Saibaba helped my Mom to heal her pain in her arms?

My Mom was having severe pain in her arms. I was worried about it but just told my Mom that she will be fine.

Last night, I had a dream as if my Mom’s arm has become very thin and weak. To my shock, the skin was dark, getting decayed and even had a hole on it. I shout as my Mom asking why she din’t say me that it so bad? She also had blood oozing from her mouth.

I woke up in shock from this dream. It was 3 A.M early in the morning and my Mom was deeply sleeping. I went to my room, prayed Saibaba and took some water in a glass along with Udi.

I went near my Mom and called “Amma”. She woke up in shock and asked me what happened? I told her, I simply want to apply Udi and want her to have it.

Then, I applied Udi on her arms and also asked her to drink Udi water.

Then, I told her that I had a dream as if her hand has become so thin and decayed. I added, her karma is to suffer that much with a very painful hand but Saibaba has shown that in dream instead of it happening in reality.

Saints have such peculiar skill. If we are supposed to face a pain in relationship, career or health issues, instead of it happening in real based on our fate, they can make us go through that pain in dream and free us from our past births bad karma.

I slept again and had some other dreams. Saibaba has been asking me to build a first floor in my home for the past few days. Hope Saibaba helps me to make it happen.

I woke up, washed vessels and asked my Mom did little help for my Mom. That’s it.

I felt like sharing this Sai leela because Saibaba has helped my Amma and Appa so many times to heal them. My Mom continues to have pain but I know Sai has taken away the worst pain from her.

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