How Saibaba helped a devotee by blessing her husband with successful transplant?

Sairam friends,

When I made an exclusive website to collect devotees experiences, I did receive many responses. Just that, I did not had time to post those experiences. So I decided to focus only on StarSai.

My Amma isn’t well these days as she does all the work by herself. The maid doesn’t come during lock-down. Irrespective of me helping once in a while, she gets severe pain in her arms. So last night, I pressed her hands and also applied scared viboothi.

Anyway, in a devotee by name Marlyin shared her experience as below.

Dear Sai Bhakt

I’m Marlyin KC a resident of Haryana but belong to Mumbai .I have so many incidents to share through which I have experienced Sai love and care for me.

My husband had failure in both his kidneys and Doctor gave a month to save him by advising transplant but we did not have any financial support nor relatives who would help.

But I was determined to donate my own kidney but we were helpless since we have a Son and no one else would look after him if something would happen to us . Sai had his plans through an unknown relative. He called and informed about a hospital in Kathmandu where we could do the transplant. So we rushed to Nepal.

Since my husband is from Nepal we had some property which we had not cared about. We managed to sell that and everything went so well with the blessings of Sai that we were soon given a date for the transplant but again said had his own plan the operation got cancelled because my husband had some infection in his left leg for which he had been operated before when he met with a severe accident .Then also Baba saved him.

I was upset that we were so close to the transplant and it got cancelled. And now there seemed no hope since money was also getting over for the medicines

I kept a fast of nine days for Baba and told him he had to help me. Ensure that Baba was not going to let anything happen to my husband and on the 8th day of my fast Doctor announced the transplant.

Now there was nothing to stop the transplant from being success because when Baba is with us who can be against us.

My husband recovered from the transplant .I owe all I have to Sai Baba. He is the keeper of my happiness.



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