How Shirdi Saibaba could help when you go through problems in relationship?

Sairam friends,

I am busy with my work during the lockdown. Mentally, like many of you, I also cannot stay back home all day and night. Thankfully, since my Father takes care of the temple in our area, I walk with him every night to the Lord Ganesha temple and spend 30 minutes there.

No devotees are allowed to temple. So it’s just 3 to 4 of us in the temple. I like the Goddess Thaiyal Nayagi Amman. So I come around the Goddess for few minutes and walk back home.

Since I have some free time, I am able to read all emails from Sai devotees. Some people are in a complicated situation that I honestly don’t have any means to answer them. I could only say a prayer for their welfare.

What really bothers me is when girls and guys who are very young write to me when they go through problems in relationship. I have been helping Sai devotees in such situation for over 15 years.

So I know every single issue related to it. Basically, Some of you expect a positive reply from me. Some ask me if they can draw chits to get an answer from Saibaba. ( Honestly, I won’t recommend it). Some of you are simply living in past.

I myself have been into such pain. So I got used to it. Now, I surrendered to Sai which is why I am able to lead my life.

I have been hurt, cheated, humiliated, and insulted by girls. I could only assume that I did some sin to women in previous birth and I am supposed to go through this. This is why I never take the effort to get married because Sai has clearly asked me to leave that responsibility to him.

I waited for years. So I should not do any mistake after all these years.

Based on years of experience healing others and my own experience, I can say that one should be strong at heart and move on with life with the other person involved in not sincere and true.

Some of these girls who write to me are devoted to Shirdi Sai Baba. Some just worship Sai once in a while. But Saibaba cannot help these girls if they live in past and expect Sai Baba to do a miracle.

Look. If the guy or girl whom you love is worth it, they will be yours. If they decided to break-up and move on, you should wait for a while and decide to mind your life.

One good thing about being a Sai devotees is that they at least have someone to speak to when no one is around. You can always speak to Sai in your heart.

There are few issues you can’t discuss with your parents or even close friends. So speak to Saibaba. He lives deep in the walls of your heart. Sai is listening to you the moment you call him “Sai…Sai..Sai”

I want both men and women to be ambitious in their life. Worrying about the past and always thinking whom you should marry doesn’t sound good.

Give Saibaba some time to work on your karma. If you take me for example, I have given Sai years and years of patience and it still continues.

Today, everyone wants an instant answer from Saibaba. Here’s the truth. Sai takes immense time from your life, to make you get matured and help you understand if what you desire is really what could make you happy.

One of these girls wrote to me this week and no matter what I told her, she was living in past always speaking about the guy who broke up with her. I am wondering how many girls and guys are in such a situation.

So I kept aside my work for a while and made this video.

Hope it helps

You deserve to be happy. So try to be happy. Life will be beautiful.

One more kind of problem I see these days is that even in arranged marriages, guys/girls initially agree for a proposal and after a few weeks or months, they say deny.

Please don’t do it. Instead, keep calm if you need time to think and then tell your decision.

You can write to me from the email ID on the contact page but remember you should take an effort to change.

Write to me

In the past 15 years, the blogs I wrote in StarSai on how Shirdi Saibaba could help them when they go through relationship issues would have helped thousands of youngsters.

I really wish Saibaba could do a miracle in your life but I also wish to see you strong and bold internally. You should realize the truth about life. You should not worry for someone who do not deserve you.

Saibaba will certainly help you in his own ways. You should surrender to Sai and stay strong!

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Om Sai Ram


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