Your purity of thoughts and deeds alone can help you lead a decent life

Om Sai Ram friends,

I am going through tough time at work and I feel that they are doing it purposely to take away my job to someone else. I felt painful but thankfully, only when we face struggles, we will work on something productive. So by Sai grace, I am working on my Startup at night.

There’s no revenue but I feel someday, I will be successful. My goal is to create jobs for hundreds of people.

Let’s see if I survive with a job for the next few days though.

My Mother is not well too. She has been coping up with some strange breathing problem and even if she takes any medicines, it’s only aggravating her problem. So I try to give treatment to her carefully.

Every night, I work until 2 AM for my Startup but sometimes, I am not actually working. I am thinking and wondering what I am going to do if I loose my job?

I know Saibaba is with me. Sai will only do good to us even when we face such issues.

Anyway, I have wrote several blogs about being pure and how important is it to be pure when we want Saibaba to help us.

Today, I again wanted to tell you that not all can be successful in keeping their mind in the right path. Sometimes, even those who are really good temporarily change track and go in the wrong path.

So please keep a check on yourself every moment. The world and people around you have kept lots of hooks to drag you to the dirt of lust and greed. Never fall for these hooks.

If you really wish to have an aura of protection around you, it will be nice if you worship Saibaba by chanting his holy name of remembering his purity.

Sai lived a very pure live for more than 60 years in Shirdi. So try to imagine that you are staying with Baba every moment and divert your mind from bad to good. Surely you can remain pure forever if you have such a determination.

There’s nothing much from my end. If you have any devotee’s experience or temple videos or photo to share, please email me. I will be happy to publish it when I find time.

Baba bless all of you with a good life.

Pray for my Amma’s good health.

Om Sai Ram


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