Speak to people who care for you. Texting is not human

Sairam friends,

The previous article about relationship was really good that few Sai devotees wrote to me after reading the same.

Sai leela about how a girl got married to her love after persuing her Phd

Most of these mails were about relationship issues. I have been reading love stories for over 15 years through StarSai. Just that most of them write to me during breakup. These girls and guys assume that Saibaba can do a miracle to unite them back with their love.

To be honest, I always take a neutral stand. I tell them, Saibaba will do what’s really good for their future. Sometimes, its good to not marry someone whom you loved because you never know if they will change in future or continue to love you.

Anyway, one thing I have requested girls and guys to do when they go through relationship issues is to divert their mind and focus on what’s really important for their future.

I know its hard but please focus on your studies and career because that’s going to feed you. Focus on your health and your parent’s happiness.

I myself text my friends regularly but when I come to know any one, I initially would like to speak to them atleast for 10 minutes. Only then, I feel connected with them.

Its not right to text anyone without speaking to them and knowing them personally.

One of this girl who mailed me about her relationship problem made me feel I should speak to her and tell her that Saibaba has only done good for her. Sai is not a saint who will give instant pleasure. Sai will do what’s good for your future. So when a guy whom you liked marries someone else, probably, that’s good for you. It’s painful but you should face it and accept it.

This girl told me, she can text me but won’t talk to me. I told her, that its a matter of trust. If you don’t trust me, then you shouldn’t write me at all.

Because I have a policy of not texting anyone with out speaking to them initially. You actually don’t know anyone unless you speak to them.

In the days of video conferencing, is speaking still enough? Not really.

You can’t trust even your close friend unless you know them for several years. This is the mistake many people even in relationship do. They video call,speak, text, meet. Everything happens. But good friendship or relationship is always tested. Very few pass these little tests in our day to day life.

Many of us assume that we have good friends around us but how many of them are going to turn to us when we go through a difficult phase?

So when you simply text someone, Its really dangerous. This isn’t the only girl who told me, I won’t even speak to you once but I can text you. Many girls and guys are adopting “Text only” habit these days.

Do they think texting is secured? Nope. Words are powerful and also dangerous. It’s powerful when it does good to you. It’s dangerous when it hurts you and starts to influence you.

I know girls who have adopted such “Text only” relationship. Eventually, they have been influenced by the guy in the other side and they suffer.

There are relationships happening through all means. You meet someone in University, Workplace, in a social gathering, on Social media etc.

But eventually, only very few relationships works out. In the worst case, some relationships are mere virtual sharing of information and emotions.

So please be realistic.

In my case, I don’t want anyone to write to me if they don’t trust me. I have been listening to Sai devotees for almost 15 years now from 2004. I like the days when Sai children used to speak to me on phone.

Later, India was hooked to cloud messaging platform like Whatsapp. Then, our communication behavior changed drastically. Now, people feel secured with texting than speaking.

Well, it means, we are reducing ourselves down to a state where we communicate with people who we don’t trust.

Nothing happens to me no matter how you communicate with me. I am happy as it is. You write to me, or text me or call me. It doesn’t make any difference to my life.

This article is for you to think and analyze if the relationship you have with your love, your friends, your parents and siblings are realistic and not virtual.

Imagine after 20 years, you are sick and your Son or Daughter texts you to take care? Will it match few words of love even if they life far from you?

One of the foolish thing that girls in India do is assuming that texting is safe? If you don’t trust a guy, break all communication with them.

As years passes by, relationship is going to get complicated. our life is going to get complicated. So try your best to be real.

Show real love and real care.

Do not reduce relationships to virtual communication. If your friend is in trouble, go to his place and see if you could help. If your Mom calls you and says she’s not well, speaking to her won’t help. See if you could take off and travel to your Mom’s place.

Atleast 10 people who live in the US has wrote to me in the past few years saying “Its been 5 to 10 years since I visited India and met my parents”

Well, its expensive to travel but see if you could make it.

Speak to your loved ones.

Be real.

Build real relationships.

Sai won’t do miracles when are in love with the wrong person but when you are aleart and clear, no one can cheat you. So there’s no possibility of you getting into a painful relationship.

Once again, I request.

I myself text a lot on Whatsapp to my friends. I am not against it. But I warn people who build relationship only through text.

Having said that, even if you have meet someone hundreds of time, that doesn’t mean the relationship will turn out good. For any relationship to be fruitful, trust and faith on each other matters.

Be Real!

Om Sai Ram

Edit: After writing this article, I received few mails where devotees asked my number in the first mail itself. he he…I am also an ordinary Sai devotee and don’t have time to speak to all Sai children. I usually speak to devotees who give a small intro about themselves and their love for Sai. This too isn’t possible as I receive many mails.

Having said that, I am not sure if this article and its message could apply to everyone who reads this? May be, in some situation texting is secured. My intention is to spread the message that you should never encourage virtual relationships and try your best to be real and practical. So take decision based on your situation and who is reaching out to you.

Sometimes, my opinion could be wrong! All I write is to help Sai devotees lead a simple and peaceful life.


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