Sai leela about how a girl got married to her love after persuing her Phd

Sairam friends,

These days, I am doing work from home. Sometimes, I feel stressed with work. Thankfully, Sai has blessed me with another opportunity. Lets see what Sai decides to do.

This morning, My Mom was not well. She had severe leg pain. So I sat near her and read Sai Satcharita. I felt blissful reading Sai’s holy life.

For devotees worried about Corona crisis, if you are interested you could try ritual in below link.

A message in dream from Sivan Malai Murugan

I received a mail from a Sai devotee, Deepthi who wrote about how Shirdi Saibaba

Sai Leela about my marriage

I must say it is a miracle rather than Sai Leela. It was the time when I was working in a company. I was facing problems daily when I told my parents that I want to marry a person whom I love. I lost my peace of mind and was going through a tough time. It was so critical and I couldn’t arrive at any decision regarding marriage.

I prayed to Sai sincerely to help me, then a thought arose in my mind, that I must pursue higher education. Immediately I realized this is a clue from Sai, how else one could arrive at a perfect solution.

It was a perfect solution because I always wanted to pursue a career in research and by getting a higher degree, my parents could see my potential, believe my words.

It was a perfect idea and I worked hard towards it. I knew Sai baba would definitely help me. I gave my exams and waited for results. Without much difficulty, I got a master seat in premiere institute exactly in my parent’s place. This is not a coincidence, as my previous attempts failed, inspite of getting a better rank. In due course of time, my parents started talking about my marriage.

I expressed my solidarity in the decision. They slowly opened up to the possibility. Then our parents met, spoke and started to get ready for marriage when new problems propped up. When my parents and I saw astrologer with our horoscopes , he did not give a favorable prediction and it made all of us restless. I was praying Baba. I was reminded of the times when I and my fiancee used to go to Sai baba temples when we liked each other. We used to pray to him to join us in marriage and thus I kept my hopes up remembering Sai’s words of patience and faith.

After several days of thinking, my parents decided to ask my fiancee’s parents to see an astrologer. As sai baba has blessed it, the astrologer mentioned many good points and said our life will be good.

Slowly my parents’ mind changed and all agreed to go ahead. At every step, my parents had trouble thinking about how to proceed. I read Sai Satcharita and slowly but steadily the preparations began.

As the marriage neared, small problems crept up. My parents were afraid to face relatives and nobody is to blame. With Baba’s grace, one by one the problems were solved. My marriage was decided on a date and I was to finish my PhD three month after marriage. It suffices to say that everything has to go as planned for such things to happen.

I prayed daily to Sai baba and with his grace, my research went on track and I got married on February 7th. Thanks to Sai for blessing me with this life. I and my husband, both are his devotees and wanted to visit Shirdi after marriage. With his grace, we went to Shirdi and came just before the corona crisis started.

Sai guides us in most difficult times. We have got to keep our firm faith unto his feet and do our duties and surely he will get us out of the problems.

Whatever comes to us is to due to our karma(past action) and enduring it with sai’s help ,will let us attain Vishnu Padha at the end.


I receive several mails from Sai devotees in relationship issues. One thing I have always requested is to focus on their studies and career instead of worrying too much about their life. I like this girls idea about doing Phd when things din’t work out for her.

I request Sai children to give some time to everything. Sometimes, all you could do is leave your desire aside and engage in something productive.

Sai will eventually fulfill your desire.

Om Sai Ram


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