A message in dream from Sivan Malai Murugan

Sairam friends,

On Feb 23rd 2020, Sai blessed me with a dream vision as if I hear the word “Om” from my pillow. Well. This isn’t the usual dream I get while I am sleeping. I was about to wake up when Shirdi Saibaba blessed me with the sound “OM” emerging from my pillow.

Later, I also got a hint to take my parents to Sivan Malai, a hill temple dedicated to Lord Murugan in Tamilnadu.

Every weekend, I used to ask my Mom if we can visit Sivan Malai but my Mom wasn’t too healthy to travel. Finally, on March 15th 2020, we started from Coimbatore to Sivan Malai. It was around 87 Kilometers near Kangeyam and hence I ensured I reach there on time.

We started at 3.15 and by 5.15 in the evening, we reached Sivan Malai hill temple. I felt really good as I always enjoy when I take my parents to temples.

With Amma and Appa in Sivan Malai
With Amma and Appa in Sivan Malai Murugan Temple

I helped my Mom to take few steps to the hill temple. We worshiped Lord Ganesha under a tree and moved on top.

Amma walking to Sivan Malai Murugan temple
These days, I take video of Amma and Appa on how they behave as they get old. Here’s Amma walking slowly in Sivan Malai

My Mom suggested we should light lamps. So I came down to a shop, got 12 lamps and all of us lit them.

Sivan Malai Temple
I love this Photograph of Amma and Appa walking towards Sivan Malai Murugan temple entrance and evening Sun rays shining from inside the temple as a blessing

As we walked inside, I showed a box to my Mom. This is a very sacred wooden box hung in a pillar in Sivan Malai.

Sacred box where items blessed by Murugan in devotees dream is kept in Sivan Malai Murugan temple
Sacred box where items blessed by Murugan in devotees dream is kept in Sivan Malai Murugan temple

What’s in the Sacred Box of Sivan Malai:

Every year, some devotee will be blessed with a dream of an item which should be kept inside this sacred box. Once, in 2004, a devotee in a village nearby had a dream to keep a vessel full of water. By the end of the year, there was Tsunami.

So based on the items kept inside this sacred box, something very good or very bad will happen in the world.

Similarly, this year January, 2020, a devotee was blessed with a dream to keep Turmeric and Yellow thread which is a sign of auspiciousness.

Secondly, this is also a sign of being blessed with good married life.I worshiped the sacred box and the items inside and moved into the temple.

The temple wasn’t that crowded. Thankfully, my Mom, Dad and I stood in the front portion which was easy for us to get good darshan of Lord Murugan (Karthikeya in North India)

We were also fortunate enough to see sacred Abishekam with milk, viboothi and chandan which was done to Lord Murugan of Sivan Malai.

Later, we got flowers, prasad and walked around the temple. Only while coming again to the entrance of the temple, my Mom asked me “Where is the sacred box where they keep items which appeared in dream”

I told her “I told you when we walked in itself and again showed it to her”

As my Mom is getting old, she doesn’t listen to what I am showing. he he..

Then, we saw the golden rath of Lord Murugan and felt good.

Sivan Malai Murugan Thanga Ther
Sivan Malai Murugan Thanga Ther during evening Sun Set

It was around 6.45 PM and hence my parents felt its better to start home. So we walked down to the parking space, had coffee which my Mom brought from home and started back to Coimbatore.

A week passed, when the Corona Virus issue started becoming a pandemic and it was bothering India too.

Eventually, one of my friend forwarded a message from a devotee of Sivan Malai Murugan.

Message in dream from Sivan Malain Murugan to safeguard people during Corona Pandemic

The dream had following instructions

There are two items which should be kept in the entrance of your home or somewhere in the front side of your home.

1.Keep a vessel with Water. The water should be mixed with Turmeric powder.

2.If you can get access to Neem leaves, keep a bunch of Neem leaves inside the vessel.

3.Note that if you are living in cities, you can’t get access to Neem leaves..So ignore that.

4. On the other side, keep an Lamp with wicks. Pour Castor oil in the lamp. Ensure that the lamp won’t be lit. Just the lamp with castor oil and wicks should be kept.

5. If you can’t get castor oil, use any other oil or ghee.

That’s it.

You don’t have to change water or do anything for next 3 days. Keep it as it is. After 3 days, on 4th day, pour the water in garden or any place you are comfortable and finish the ritual.

Make sure you do it only if you believe this. If you have scientific mindset and feel this is superstitious please ignore it.

India and several countries are in lockdown during this crisis. So please do not walk around to get these items. With whatever you have at home, try to do this ritual. Do not move out of house unnecessarily.

Since the video I got from Sivan Malai devotee was in Tamil, i made the video in English so that people across India can follow this spiritual guidance.

In spirituality, we should do anything with trust and belief. So if you like it, please do it. Else, ignore this.

My intention is that may be, Lord Murugan would have told this message as when we do this ritual, it makes us pray for everyone in this world.

Let every human in every country be protected and lead a happy and healthy life.

Here’s the video with instructions.

Please email me if you need any clarifications

Note: I am not happy with the way U.K and U.S Government has handled the Corona pandemic. I keep praying for my Sister and her family welfare. So irrespective of how you perceive this ritual, I humbly request you to pray for everyone in this world to be protected and healed.

The way India has handled the situation is much better compared to developed Nations. I never claim that such rituals are a solution for any pandemic but in spirituality, we can’t find why God or Sai wants us to do something.

We can only believe that its for the welfare of humanity.


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