Temple experiences

Om Sai Ram friends,

Share your Pilgrimage and Temple experiences

Sai Baba himself has encouraged me to worship a few Gods and goddesses or visit any temples by appearing in a dream. So you might see some of my blogs are actually about Goddess I love and the temples I had visited.

In order to keep the blog and also StarSai Channel interesting, I wish to feature blogs and videos of various temples across India and abroad.

I also enjoy posting blogs and photos about Shirdi trip experiences.

If you have time, please share your pilgrimage experiences and send some photos you had taken there.

Some temples do not allow us to photograph the main deity. So kindly don’t risk taking pictures of deity, especially if it is a famous temple.

If someone shouts at you for photographing even outside the temple, better listen to them and move on.

A Tip for videos: Please keep mobile horizontally while making videos as vertical videos fit only for Mobile and not YouTube viewers on Laptop.

You could mail me the following

1.Some information about your Pilgrimage or Temples you visited

(It could even be a small temple in your area)

2.Photographs of the temple.

After you email me, I will request for videos if required. I usually do not have time to post all the experiences but I try my best. So kindly accept my apologies if I do not post your experiences.

But please feel free to email me because I will surely be happy to read your experiences personally if I can’t publish it.

You could share your experiences with the email ID


Below is sample of Shirdi Trip videos

Share your love for Sai Baba

I have been writing about devotees experience of Shirdi Sai Baba for the past few years. These days, whenever a Sai devotee sends me their experiences or shares their love for Saibaba, I request them to send it along with any Photographs or video, etc.

That’s because, along with publishing Sai devotee’s experiences as a blog, I also make videos by reading the blog and enjoy doing such videos these days. Obviously, making videos are time-consuming and I wonder how regularly I could do this.

So far, Sai Baba is helping me!

Share your experiences with Saibaba – Email me

Om Sai Ram