You be wherever, do whatever. My watchful eyes are always on you – Saibaba

Om Sai Ram friends,

I am going through a difficult time in my Career.

Last night, I had a dream as if I am taking my car directly inside the main hall of Saibaba temple. haha. Then, I realized that I have drove inside the temple itself and taking reverse and going out.

Today morning, when I went to the flower market to buy flowers, I decided to visit the Saibaba temple in Coimbatore too. I did good prayers and came back home.

Here’s a devotee’s experience I would like to share with you.

This was shared by a devotee named Rajasekaran.

It was in the year 2012, I was staying alone in Mumbai. My wife and son were staying at Chennai where our son was studying his class 12.  My routine to office include visiting a shiv Mandir followed by Balaji Mandir which is on my way to the office.

The specialty about the Balaji Mandir is that the Vigraham (Statue) was donated by Tirupati Balaji temple and I used to refer the temple as Tirupati Balaji.

One day, I was late to office. So I skipped my routine telling myself that evening while returning home, I shall visit the temples. But I returned through parallel road in the evening completely forgetting my morning resolution. Reached home around 7 pm. As I was removing the shoes, my morning resolution flashed in the mind. I scolded Sai Baba for not reminding me. Then I told myself that after a bath I will visit the nearby temple. 

After bath, this time I ventured out to the Shiva temple. Alas, the temple which used to be open even at 8pm was closed that day. I went to another temple. Again, it was also closed. Dejected I told myself that something is wrong. Otherwise temples which remain open even at 8 pm why remain closed today.

Thinking so, I told myself that I will go to the Ambaji Mandir. Even though Tirupati Balaji I can not have darshan at least Shivalingam is there.

I went inside. The temple houses many Amman sannathi. Siva lingam was there. I had darshan. Then hanuman darshan I had (which I used to have daily in the Shiva temple). After darshan of the Amman sannathi, I saw the Sai sannathi where he was seated in his routine posture. And next to him was Tirupati Balaji sannathi with name written as “Tirupati Balaji”.

At that instant I realised that Baba closed Two temples and forced me to Amman temple only to fulfill my morning resolution without any dilution.

He had heard me when I scolded for not reminding me. I realised it then. You bow infront of my photo I will accept. Let you be wherever do whatever. But my watchful eyes are always seeing you. I need no doors or windows to enter. All these were flashing at that moment.

Om Sai Ram


Hope you like this Sai leela friends. I also believe that Saibaba encourages any good thoughts which crosses in our mind. It could be visiting a temple or doing a good deed to someone. Sai ensures we get it done.

Such a powerful saint is Shirdi Saibaba


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