Stressed because of your job? Sai Baba will bless you with ability to do your work

Om Sai Ram friends,

Hope you are doing good. My life is going on my Sai grace. I am going through some tough time but hopefully Saibaba will help me.

This devotee’s experience is for someone who is going through struggles and difficulties in their job or business. Sometimes, you will be loaded with lots of responsibilities and may not be able do the work as you are expected to. Do not worry. Remember Sai by chanting his holy name. Sai will bless you with confidence to do your work.

Here’s a devotee’s experience from Rajasekaran which helps you understand how Sai helps when we face obstacles or fear in our work place.

This happened during July 2012 when I was transferred from Chennai to Mumbai.

After 27 years of working in back office and administrative offices, I was transferred to a branch in Mumbai.  It was one of the biggest branches of the bank in India. 

My exposure to general banking was so less that I was in a situation to check with other colleagues for each step. 

The customers were demanding and cannot wait.  Literally they were behind me from morning to evening.  Every thing was important and urgent for them.  

After two days in the branch, third day I was sleeping alone. My wife and son were at Chennai where he was studying.  In the middle of the night I woke up suddenly.  The thought of attending the office next day and fear of work were crossing my thoughts repeatedly. Yes it is fear of work because I was heading the foreign exchange department and the amounts were running in lakhs and crores.

I woke up relieved and washed my legs and face. Applied vibhuti, prostrated in front of the Sai Baba photo which was kept by my father and brought with me. Then, when I tried to sleep, the same thoughts were crossing again and again.  Simultaneously, I was chanting Govinda Govinda, the name of our kula devatha. I repeated the process again but  nothing happened.  The mental thoughts were getting repeated.

Finally, I told Sai that I didn’t want elevation and posting at Mumbai. It was you who brought me. Now, it is your job to take care.  Saying so, I slept without my knowledge.

It would be around 3 or 4 in the morning suddenly I felt warmth. It started from my head travelling down up to the toes. I felt that warmth very well and in full consciousness.  Thereafter the confusion and fear vanished.  

 Till date, almost 9 years Sai has been guiding me.  Whenever problems crop up the solution will automatically come from other source.  At times the solution came from the same person who created the issue. 
I am sure he will test and then will embrace.   Just like mother making the child cry only to take her in her alms.
Now I am under his custody.


Hope you like this Sai leela friends.

This is one of the best example of how Saibaba helps you when you take up a job or any initiative which is new and hard for you. Do not worry when you are loaded with lots of responsibilities and getting stressed at work.

Sai will do good to you and your family


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