Shirdi Saibaba miracle in blessing a devotee with job after 11 years of career gap

Om Sai Ram friends,

My life is going on my Sai grace. I still don’t have a job and doing some freelancing work but I am pleased to post experience of a devotee who got job after a long career gap of 11 years.

Read her experience. The devotee wanted to keep her name anonymous ( I always request devotees to allow me to publish atleast their first name.)

Here’s the devotee’s experience

First, I will write about getting a job after 11 years of career gap. I worked in big IT companies for several years. But due to my child’s health and no family support, I had to leave my job. Luckily, Baba made us travel to the USA and gave us a beautiful family life for a few years. But fate again brought us back to India. By the time we came to India my second child was an infant. So, I couldn’t go back to work. Working in an IT company is something I had always loved but due to the family responsibility, I had to leave the job.

While taking care of my second child, I never thought that it was possible to go back to work.

But when my child was 5 years old, I started working as a teacher in the same school where my children were studying. But since I already worked in IT I always used to compare my previous job with every matter with my school job. Maybe, I’m wrong, but I’m a  normal human being.

My mind used to compare with my previous job and never made me happy in the school job. After working for 2 years in school, one day some force within me said to try for my IT job where I’m interested in. But I was scared because who will take me when I have an 11 yrs career gap.(teaching experience is not considered for an IT job).

All these years I was praying to Baba and doing some poojas to achieve different things in life. He was listening to me all the time. He didn’t grant us the Visa which we were wanting so much in life. Don’t know the reason. I didn’t get the proper path to go back to my work in IT.

While working as a teacher in the school for my 3rd year some inner push was suggesting me to go for my IT job. Didn’t understand where to start. Started doing Nav guruvar vrat.

Slowly, Baba started opening doors for me. He guided me. He made me join in a course which refreshes all my skills which I had previous work experience.

During this period, I was reading Sai Satcharitra. After I joined the course, one month later I started getting to know a few references for jobs from friends and known people. But none of them were successful because few I couldn’t answer properly and few didn’t want to take people with a career gap.

One Thursday, I started with Datta Charitra parayan. Whenever I have read the book, I experienced miracles in life. Each miracle is a big post that’s why I am not mentioning them here.

While reading Datta Charitra, I asked Baba, Dattatreya swamy did many miracles see that’s what I’m reading in the book, if you are really the Dattatreya swamy, you should do some miracle and get me a job. By the time I completed parayan I started getting some calls for interviews.

One Sunday, I suddenly saw a video on YouTube and decided to do 16 weeks of Lord Shivji Vrat. This is also a push by Baba. I should say because this type of push he will give you if he wants to eliminate past karma. On Monday, I started Lord Shivji Vrat and the full day I got calls from recruiters and scheduled the interviews.

Noting to mention- they didn’t even bother about my career gap. All the interviews I attended, I got selected. By the time of my 2nd Monday, I got a bunch of offers in hand. That Thursday itself I chose a company to join. But the same day I got another call from a very big MNC where my husband also works. They scheduled the interview and I got selected for that company as well.

Now I’m struck with both offers where I chose already and joined. Now if I have to quit and join this MNC where my husband works is making me debate. I prayed to baba that if you give me the location and pay, without me asking them with this MNC, I will join the same company because it is the one who chose me for this opportunity. If that doesn’t happen I will happily accept the current one which I joined already. Everything is in your hands only.

Whatever you make me choose I’m happy with it. Because you know which is best for me. So as expected I got a call from that MNC saying that they are offering me a good offer and position. So this is the Baba’s decision for me to join.

I need my Baba’s help in every step of my life. Still I have to learn and should perform well in that job which is very challenging for me as a lot of things have changed in all these years in my career gap. I hope baba will make me overcome that also.

I know it’s a very long post. Please forgive me. I know all these experiences are our Baba’s guidance for someone, somewhere in their life when they are seeking his guidance. I used to take his guidance by reading many devotees’ experiences. Trust me, my dear Sai parivar/Sai family, he shows guidance in the form of dates mentioned in experiences or some other hints through such experiences and believe me every time I searched for his guidance I used to get similar experiences of devotees which suits to exact my situation.

One most important thing I learnt all these years is ” Don’t think negative. If you do so, your growth will stop with that thought only whether it can be a spiritual/related to your work/ anything in life”


Om Sai Ram

Hope you like this Sai leela friends.

If you are worried about your Career, be strong at heart and keep trying. Your life will be good. I usually do not use the word “Shirdi Sai Baba Miracle” but rarely I feel like using it. To me, Saibaba’s miracles are just for us. To a saint like Sai, it’s just his love on us and our family.

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