Inspiring people to learn the value of Education in memory of my Father and Shirdi Sai baba blessings

Om Sai Ram friends,

After my Father was taken to Saibaba’s divine abode, life has not be so easy. I did some work to arrange for my Mom’s pension. She would get half of what my Father used to get. I also keep applying for jobs as I continue to be job less for months now. It deeply hurts me that my Father passed away when I did not had a job. He was deeply in love with me and worried about me.

One of those things my lovely Appa often asked me to do is to keep learning and enhance my skills. So I launched a simple course discovery platform. I still have to work hard for this blog but as of now, I just wanted to launch it.

(Edited – Removed website)

There’s a reason why I made this blog.

You know, for the past several years, I have used StarSai to spread the value of Education and learning. I also receive emails from parents about their kid’s education. I receive emails from Students during their exam and that they wish to join a specific university.

So serving Saibaba means, also becoming an education counselor.

You are most welcome to share your experience learning in an university or doing course that changed your life and will be beneficial for others. Note that you I may not be able to reply all emails but will be happy to do so whenever I find time.

I continue to shed tears remembering my sweet Appa often. So this is the only way I could console myself. I am trying to make my Dad live eternal.

Saibaba blessed Appa with dream

Last morning, my Appa came in dream as if he’s visited my Sister in the US and come back to our home. Appa was sitting in varanda and I am touching him saying “Appa…Appa” with so much of love. I ask him did he came by bus? He nods his yes.

Whenever we have any important work at home, Appa appears in my dream as if he will take care of us. My Father was an honest Government employee serving in the Tamilnadu State Transport corporation for over 25 years. So, yesterday after arranging all the documents, I took my Amma to the head office to apply for Pension.

When I took her to Photo studio to take her passport size photograph, the photographer asked her to smile and she suddenly started crying. I told Mom that I am there for her and asked her to smile. She remembered her grand daugher and smiled.

Then, we went back to Appa’s office and completed the documentation work. I hope Amma gets Dad’s pension in the next 2 month. I will buy “RICE BAG” from Appa’s money only because it gives me a satisfaction that Appa only is feeding us.

I have collected the last time Appa fetched water for us in a bottle. I am also going to keep some rice from the last bag of rice Appa and me bought from the rice mill a mile from Bhadrakali temple.

It’s your Father who feeds you. So make their love last forever through the little things they got for you.

My Father wanted me to do Ph.D and hence, I will surely do it by Sai grace.

Om Sai Ram


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The featured photograph was taken in Palani hills in 2019. After having darshan of Lord Murugan, I kept calling my Appa to turn and smile. The next day my Appa offered his hair to Palani Murugan as I had got a job. A job which I lost a month before my appa left to divine abode.

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