Sai Baba’s scolding’s and beating should be considered as Prasad

Om Sai Ram friends,

I am little depressed today but trying to keep myself strong internally. There are times when our chest feels heavy wondering what’s next in life. I am in such a situation. Anyway, Let’s try to keep ourselves strong and motivated.

Here’s a devotee’s experience from Rajasekaran.

I have in my earlier experiences explained that I started working in Mumbai since 2012 consequent to my transfer. 

Since 2014, when my wife joined me at Mumbai, we were going to Shirdi every month. It was during one such trip in 2013-14 I got this experience.

On this occassion our Son also joined us as he was with us on holidays. We were in the queue for Darshan in the Samadhi Mandir.  Slowly, we entered the main hall.  We have taken the inner line which will permit us to return the same way. This gives an opportunity to stay longer near to Sai and we generally prefer that line. As usual, we had Darshan and retracing in slow steps. My Son was with me. 

Once she enters Shirdi my wife will be a different person.  Inside the Samadhi Mandir and Dwarkamai, she will be very different talking to Sai. On that day due to crowd we got separated. In one side I was waiting for her. Suddenly a security person came and asked me to leave. I showed my wife and said I will go out taking her as well. Those days one had to get out of the right side entrance. Now a days it is from left side.

The security without waiting for my reply dragged and pushed me outside. My son holding my hand was also dragged.  I was waiting outside in a corner for my wife. I was dejected as I did not commit any mistake and felt ashamed.  Simultaneously I also pitied for my Son. Since I was holding his hand, he was also dragged out.
Suddenly one physically handicapped person was entering alone with difficulty.  

I told my son to take him inside and simultaneously have Darshan.  Sending him I was waiting outside.   Suddenly another security person came to me.  I thought I will be asked to get out from the corner also.  

He stretched his hand handed over two pedas and said have Prasad.I took it with all enthusiasm.  By the time my son and wife came out, I shared the Prasad.     

As mentioned in the Sai Satcharitra, Baba’s scoldings and beating were considered as Prasad by many.   At that moment my dejected mood vanished and I realised that I was dragged out only to give me the Prasad.
Om Sai Ram


I like this experience especially because there are several such incidents during Sai Baba’s lifetime in Shirdi. Sai will beat his ardent devotee to wash away their sins and karmic bond. So never worry when you are facing difficulties in life.

Saibaba will always be with you and your family

Om Sai Ram


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