Sai grace will be on you the moment you give up your desire for sense objects

Sairam friends,

One of the reason I keep saying that I like ancient days is because these days, we have complicated life. There’s so much distraction and hence one can easily be hooked to their desire for sense objects.

We could be easily tempted to be in the wrong path irrespective of our devotion on Sai Baba.

Last night, I had a dream as if I go with one of my friend in a busy road. He takes me to a very beautiful temple. As soon as I enter temple, I search for water pipe. I clean my palm with water as there’s so much dirt in there.

I use mud near by the plants to rub on my palm. Then, I notice some girls are standing behind me for their turn to wash their palm. I move to another pipe.

Surprisingly, near this pipe, I see a powder in baby pink color. Its so beautiful that I use it to rub on my palm and clean it. It’s like my palm becomes so beautiful in baby pink color. ( Like kids palm)

After washing, I run out to see my friend. He says that he is late for the bus. I tell him that I just wish to see the main deity and come. I ask him what’s the main Gods name in the temple.

He says Kalahasti.

It was surprising because in dream Sai has taken me to Sri Kalahasthi temple.

After I woke up, I realized the message from Sai is simple.

We should use our body, mind and soul to do good deeds. As we lead our day to day life, we accumulate lots of dirt in our palm. Only Guru’s grace can help us clean it.

I also saw saint Maha Periyava in the dream.

So I believe its a blessing.

Please don’t be attached to sense objects. Guru’s grace can’t reach you if you are always engrossed in your desires.

Keep your mind pure.

Even if you send a small text message to someone, ask yourself if you are sending something for good and send.

Even if you utter a single word, make sure its good enough to speak out.

I am getting late for work now



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