Mom Says first to offer food to God and then have it: Annam Brahmeti

Om Sai Ram friends,

I wanted to make realistic videos about what’s happening in my day-to-day life and try to convey a message through that.

Today evening, I felt like having something tasty. I went to the kitchen in search of something. To my surprise, my Mom was already making Seeni Urundai. ( Though my favorite is Rava Laddu), I am OK with Seeni Urundai for today.

I asked her if I can have it? She said, first offer it to God and then have it. I mean, I thought she would offer it only during evening pooja as we have kept Navratri Golu statues. Then, she felt I like to have it immediately and asked me to do an offering to God and then have it.

So I took 2 Seeni Urundai and offered it to Gods, Goddess, and the New Sai Baba statue I bought for this year’s Golu.
I also did chanting of Sai.

Annam Brahmeti.

Food is God.

Give food and be blessed.

Saibaba also likes it when we offer food to him and then, have it. Not just food, any sensory pleasure we have in our life, we should first remember Sai or Gods we love and mentally offer it to them. This way, we won’t be attached to the sensory pleasure be it food or any other materialistic things we enjoy in life.


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