I was not allowed to donate blood and I am responsible for that

Sairam friends,

One of this guy at work called up and said that my friend’s Father isn’t well and they need blood. I told him that, I will surely go but not sure if they will accept my blood as I got fever 40 days back but pain in palm and leg continues.

Honestly, I wanted to donate blood as I love doing it. Its been years since I had donated blood.

Here’s an article I wrote in 2013 – Celebrating Blood Donation

I really get pissed off parking my car in hot Sun during summer. I took it and parked under tree shade so that it will be much better when we drive to hospital in the evening.

Two more guys were there but they had meetings. So my friend and myself decided to go to hospital at 4.30.

On the way, my friend was telling me that I honk so much that I am scaring and irritating people. he he…

I told him, I honk as I wanted them to be safe. I was laughing so much because I basically honk too much.

We reached the hospital and met my friend’s parents and walked to the blood bank.

The girl who works there asked if we had donated blood earlier. It was first time for my friend and I said, I had done earlier.

I told her that I am completely alright but just wanna say I had fever before a month and the pain in foot and palm sustains. She went in and asked someone for advice.

She came out and said “You can’t donate blood as it could be a viral fever”

I felt really upset because my friend had to bring in another guy if I can’t give.

So I clarified “I just told you because its safe to say but I am really healthy enough now”.

She explained “When you have muscle pain, its safe to give blood after 3 month”

I was grumbling but somehow, realized what I did is right because we shouldn’t hide anything while donating blood. It might cause infection for others.

We went to Hospital canteen and had snacks..he he

Then, I was blaberring that I got rejected for everything I wanted to do in life. Not even allowed to give blood.

We do good during to emotional connect

Before I started to hospital one of my colleague was telling this to me. He said “Hospitals are doing something wrong by asking for blood when there’s a surgery. They will surely have blood in their blood bank”

I agreed to him

Later, I thought like this.

“Hospitals will surely have blood they need because they have collected it from some stranger. Not all will leave their work to donate blood.Only when something happens to our relatives or friend’s we are tempted to donate blood since we have an emotional connect”

This blood might be used for same patient or different one. Basically, what ever we give, be it food, money or blood, once it we “Give” it, we only have to hope that its used for a good cause.

When this girl rejected me, I was upset and convinced her to consider take my blood. She told me not to worry as even if my friend can’t bring 4 people to give blood, they will provide from the blood bank.

I told my friend that India is too huge that anything can happen to someone going to an hospital on any purticular day. There might be need of blood during emergency.

Hospitals needs to utilize every opportunity they get to make someone donate blood so that they will have enough blood in reserve.

My friend met another man who seem to give blood every 3 month regularly and its been 30 times for him.

Are we going to be such a blood donor?

So its better do donate blood atleast when opportunity arises.

I am responsible for not being able to donate blood. My Mom keep asking me to go to Doctor and ask him why the pain still sustains but I have remained too casual and never bothered to go.

I am assuming it will get healed in a month’s time.

Now, here’s something I always write in StarSai.

Even if you want to do good, you can’t do it unless God wills.

You have to accept it and remain calm.

I am getting late now



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