Don’t loose your drive

Sairam friends,

Though I am OK to have pain in my foot and palm for more than a month after my fever, my parents are really worried about me. The good part is, its bearable pain. So I feel its OK to go through this.

Sometimes, we have to go through some pain without complains.

We can’t always be healthy and happy in life. Its OK to have some ups and downs in life. Just that, I believe Saibaba knows I can bear this pain. So he let me go through this.

Thankfully, this pain helped me slowdown a bit in life. I am thinking deeply about life and the mistakes I did. It makes me sleep early or since I am tired, I am doing very little work at night.

I feel bad that some of my work is getting late though. Anyway, Sai is always with me. I don’t know if I should visit a Doctor or its going to get healed naturally.

Don’t loose your drive

You need a drive to work on things you feel is important. There will be setbacks and problems but never ever loose your drive. Good people will surely be tested and humiliated. That’s how the world works.

So don’t loose your drive. Just keep working on what you believe is beneficial.

Sai’s path is karma marga.The path of work. Hence, I wish each and everyone of you do some “Work” that adds value – One day at a time.

You can’t think about what’s going to happen in a month or year from now. You just have to work today and do it with love.

I wish to post some devotees experiences in StarSai.

So please share your experiences.

Love you all.

Keep working and keep yourself moving forward!


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  1. Venkat brother, all your stories and advices given at the end of every story is very interesting..I really enjoy reading them. Thankyou. Om Sairam..

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