Being Pure

Sairam friends,

Its hard to be pure these days. In the age of cloud message apps, complicated and spontaneous relationships, I wonder how many youngsters can actually remain pure.

Few month back, One of my friend was telling me that she was chatting with a guy romantically though she already had a boyfriend who trusts her.

Later, She realized its her mistake and told this guy that she already has a boyfriend.

These are just small examples.

There are more stories which I can’t openly share here.

Being pure is a commitment we have on ourselves. No one is going to demand it from us. We can live our life as we wish. We can do small mistakes here and there. Sai is all forgiving.

But irrespective of how forgive Sai is, its hard for him to help us when our thoughts and deeds are not pure.

In Feb 2009, I went to Shirdi and stayed there for 10 days. I lived in one of my Sai Guru Gopi Sir’s little outhouse home. I wanted to give him money instead of paying in the lodge or hotels in Shirdi.

The only problem is that his bathroom does not have any heater. Shirdi was so cold that I can’t imagine how I am going to bath in cold water.

I used to sit near the bucket of water, take the mug and blink for few minutes. Suddenly, I will pour the water over me and I used to shiver so much. he he….

Gopi sir used to ask if I am OK as I come out shivering! To be honest, when you go to a river and dip in cold water, its like you have achieved something in life.

When ever you do something that requires self control, you become pure.

Being pure is needs determination. Its like bathing in cold water when the weather is already chill.

There are so many stories about Saibaba which many of you would have not heard.

There was this amazing devotee of Baba. I forgot his name now.

There was a certain home in Shirdi where a women stays. This man goes to her home and somehow, his mind gets cluttered. ( This lady is basically not good and her home is known for that.)

He wanted to go out of the home but his mind isn’t letting him go. You know what?

He suddenly saw Saibaba standing outside the door of this house, smiling to him and saying

“Saheb! What have you thought of doing? Have you lost your senses?”

That’s it.

Immediately Sai disappeared.

This man also realized that he should have not been tempted to come to home of such women and immediately walks out.

So no matter what situation arises, please be pure.

Sai likes it when you are internally strong and lead a principled life.

My Ma is not well and I took her to Doctor today. She’s so weak Baba. Please heal my Ma by your grace.

Om Sai Ram


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