Lord Vinayakar blessed me with prasad

Sairam friends,

Couple of weeks back, I continuously had some vehicle getting across mine, over taking me and trying to hit my car. I used to shout at people very badly if they don’t drive properly. After I shout, I feel little bad because even I do mistakes while driving and bother others. You can’t always be right but thankfully, Sai makes sure no people or vehicles are disturbed because of me.

I told Baba why is this happening for 3 days continuously? That’s when I realized I did not renew one of my website which I made in 2014 to help people drive carefully – SaiSafeDriving.com

Sometimes, I can’t afford to maintain sites I made for years but Sai hints me that it should be live forever.

I myself drive fast when the road is good but when it isn’t I try to be careful. Its not that I don’t do mistakes at all but thankfully Baba always makes sure that I neither harm any people nor their vehicles.

This morning, I had a beautiful dream.

I see myself with my friends near a Lord Vinayakar temple. I am in a bike and the bike’s petrol tank has a dent as a Cycle is fallen over it. I come outside to see the dent and argue with the poor man. But he speaks too harsh and says he will never give money. I say that if doesn’t then he will face similar situation later on..he he..

Finally, I thought the man is poor and hence its enough if he pays 500 Rs. So he also mentions he can pay only 500rs. I tell him its Sai grace that our thoughts sync and that’s enough for me. Instead of getting money, I go to the Vinayakar temple and getting prasad from priest. I feel blessed.

One thing I can understand from this dream is that, we must argue for our rights but also be kind to person who did a mistake. If they come down while negotiating, we also must agree to it.

When you are road, please be careful. I have told few girls whom I found riding fast to be careful. When things are fine, none will blame you but even in a minor accident we will have to face some embarrassment. There’s always a difference between riding fast and riding responsibly.

Baba bless you with peace.

I can’t bear showing my face in previous post as the first article. So even thought I don’t have time today, I am writing quickly. I just want to hide myself. Surprisingly, one of my friend online in Australia makes good professional videos and she speaks nicely. I asked her to guide me on how to speak. She even wrote a blog mentioning my name and saying that she’s answering my questions.

There are good people every where in the world. You just ask them for guidance.

Drive responsibly

This Vinayakar photo was sent by my friend Varalakshmi in Bangalore from temple near her house

Om Sai Ram


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