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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

On December 22-23rd 2004, I created Initially, it was a static website in which I had written articles about the importance of “Giving”. So the first tag line for StarSai is ‘Giving alone can change your life”. I realized most of us are self-centered and we must openup our heart to going good to others or atleast ourselves in a positive matter.

In 2009, I made StarSai as a blog but I never let anyone call it as a blog. This is Sai’s Dwarakamai. From 2013, I started writing almost every single day. This is 1476 th  article. Approximately, the past 2 years, I went through a particular issue which really humiliated me. I still can’t get any answer from Saibaba for the experience he gave me. So I started blabbering my own personal worries to come out of my depression. You must be wondering why I kept on writing everyday though I don’t write about Saibaba specifically.

This is a way of engaging the readers who are regular to StarSai. The essence of StarSai is simply three importance habits you can cultivate.

1. Do Chanting in mind – I like chanting Sai Sai Sai or any God or Goddess name as suffix after Sai.

2. Recite or simply listen to Saibaba’s Aarti

3. Understand Sai’s way of life by reading Sai Satcharita. This is because listening or reading Saints stories will wash away your sin.

Apart from this, all other content in StarSai is simply to keep you occupied.

Sai blessed me with a simple, good new mobile phone

I wish to specifically write about this because these days, people spend lavishly on Gadgets. Since I do photography, I often come across people to suggest them to buy a good DSLR Camera. I ask them if they really have time to do photography because DSLR is a huge investment? I request them to consider a good mobile phone instead of a Camera because they need commitment to spare time even if they love photography. Secondly, you can’t carry a Camera as you wish. It has to be taken care.

I have seen guys spending a lot on Mobile phones also. Nothing wrong but most of them don’t use it efficiently. Investing on an expensive mobile doesn’t make sense to me unless you are using it properly. Recently, several professionals are making video on their field of interest. So I also desired to make videos on Marketing/Sales/ Tech Startups or any inspirational stories. I wasn’t able to edit the footage I shoot with my DSLR since my Computer at home is too old.

From Diwali 2017, I planned to buy a good mobile phone to make videos. I did bought a Chinese mobile phone which was almost like an iron box. Only Sai helped me to return it back to the ecommerce site and get back the money. I don’t like getting a Mobile beyond 10,000 Rs because none of us have time to use such gadgets creatively.

This time, Since we are planning to go to the U.S to visit my Sister, I justified to buy a Samsung mobile which costed 13,000 Rs.

Showing myself on Camera isn’t an easy task

It was a long time desire to speak on camera but I doubted if I could do it. I have seen hundreds of professional Men and Women presenting on screen and they have such awesome screen presence. I am not handsome and I usually can’t get that flow while I speak. So I asked Saibaba if I can really make such videos for Sai devotees? It was really hard to show myself on Camera but to me this is essential because after 5 years or 20 years, I might forget how I actually lived.

Saibaba inspired me with a simple dream

Sai dreams are really hard to interpret but I do it in my own way. This morning, Saibaba blessed me with the following dream.

It was as if I am in a divine temple with some of my relatives and friends. I also see my Mom, Dad and Sister there. There’s a pillar underwhich a colorful brick got ripped off. I mean, the foundation of the pillar isn’t good because one of the brick got broken away. I am trying to fix it back to the pillar. Meanwhile, we see a house near by the temple. It was constructed similar to temple. So on looking at that one of my friend is saying the house costs 30,000 crores to build. I am laughing. That’s it.

As soon as I wake up, I tried to analyze what would Saibaba mean by such dream. Infact, before this dream, I had another dream in which I saw my Mom was very sick.

Gradually, I made up this meaning from the dream.

Every thought that emerges in our mind is like a brick. Thought after thought, activies after activities, when we only think good and positive, the pillar will be built strongly. When the pillar is strong, the house will obviously be safe. Here, the house is our life.

So when you think good, positive and act accordingly, your life will be good.

I went to town to buy cover for the new mobile phone. Then, I went to Nagasai Mandir to ask Saibaba to bless me to make a simple video. I did some shopping and then drove to Anuvaavi Subramanian temple. It was already 12 in the afternoon. Suddenly, I found this Swagatham Saibaba temple on way to Anuvavi and stopped the car there. I used to go to this temple regularly during 2005 with my friend. I felt truly happy to go there again after almost 8-9 years.

The priest was very kind. He’s from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh and hence told me about Maha Kaleshwar temple.

I started making the video and felt happy. Later, I found a Dog outside temple and gave him biscuits. I reached home and edited the video in mobile itself. I can’t edit it crisply as Mobile editing apps aren’t that good.

I just feel happy that Saibaba blessed me to spread good messages through video. I hope to work on such videos regularly by Sai grace.

Here’s the video

Om Sai Ram


Edit – Many of my Sai friends were happy for the video. Each one had different comments. Why I din’t look at the Camera? It was low angle. Is it like a series of video that I am going to make. I am not sure about it. I just know that I need to improve my language skills. I am not well learned. Anyway, I wanted to write about Dhupkheda village in Maharastra where Chand Patil first met Sai Baba as a poor fakir and helped chand to find his lost horse. I love to go to those places.

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