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There are devotees who are satisfied with what Saibaba has done to them

Sairam friends,

From yesterday morning, I feel blissful in my heart. I feel that Sai is always with me. Only when by Sai’s grace we will be able to experience this divinity. I also feel pure. Last night, I went to Saibaba temple near office and reached home. I was speaking to my Mom for a while. She has severe pain these days and only by Sai’s grace we will be able to go to the U.S and come back safe. I told her that Sai will heal her.

I lit lamp infront of Saibaba in my room and spoke to him. I like spending time alone with Baba. Later, I hugged Sai book and slept off.

Usually, many girls write to me with a problem but very few actually show a matured transformation in the next few weeks. Saibaba would have not even fulfilled their desire but they learn to accept Sai for the little he has done to them. One of this girl Kritika wrote me first on April 23rd 2018 about the difficulties she’s facing in her Career and her family. I just wrote her twice assuring Sai will do good.

There are thousands of devotees who only complain Baba has done nothing to them but there are very few who will understand the presence of Sai in their life and become more confident. Yesterday, Kritika sent the below mail.

Sairam anna!

I hope you remember me. I wanted to thank You for your kind words. In my last mail I was a mess complaining and sobbing over what i have lost but today I want to share some beautiful experiences of Baba Sai.

In one of your blog you suggested Sai devotees to sing Baba’s Aarti and leave all your worries at his fee. Also, in your mail you encouraged me to do naam jaap. (Chanting of Sai’s holy name)

Heard the word ‘Om Sai Ram” while listening to Aarti

I started doing Aarti every night before going to bed and started waking up at 4 AM to listen to live Kakad Aarti of Shirdi. One such morning, I was semi consciously listening to Kakad Aarti. I could hear Aarti but not understand anything In that state. ” A voice whispered in my ear “OM SAI RAM”.

But in my semi conscious state I started telling myself that this can’t be true. I am imagining things. As soon as I thought so, again i heard the same voice “OM SAI RAM” .

What i felt is beyond expression.No combination of words can explain what was it and how was it but for me it was Baba’s assurance that he is with me.!

I completed my Nav guruvar vrat and on the ninth day as I was returning from temple after distributing food. A man walked in front of me with calendars in his hands and the photo on that calendar was none other but our Sai baba. Until today, I have seen this very calendar twice, that too on a Thursday after coming back from Sai temple. For others it may be a yet another coincidence but for me, its my Baba’s love. His assurance that he is watching over me.

To be honest I forgot about naam jap and got busy with my final year exams. Stress , studies and household work worsened my spine problem and I was experiencing excruciating pain every moment until I started naam jap but this time it was without any expectations.

After night Aarti I felt like doing naam jap and I started chanting “Om Sai Ram”within 3 days my pain subsided. I stopped taking medicines. Still I don’t experience any sort of pain. For 3 days, I didn’t even realize it happened. I didn’t ask for it but Baba healed me. I cant tell you what i feel.

I have understood one thing. Baba loves me. He is always next to me. Always protecting me.

I may have lost love , relatives and friends but what I received in return is beyond precious.

Baba sent me another family (Dog family) they shower me with love affection and protect me.I don’t think so all of this was a coincidence. It was my Baba’s plan.He sent those animals to make sure I smiled everyday. Initially people used to scorn me for feeding dogs but now society praise me and bless me.

I tell them it all because of my Baba and coincidentally me and all my Dog friends sit under a Neem tree while I give them food and they give me unconditional love. Whenever I sit under that tree, I feel that  I am sitting under Baba’s protection.

You were right Anna.I haven’t lost much.I have received much more..I just had to open my eyes and see.

Everything isn’t good as of now.. but i am sure Baba is working on that too. I am leaving all the worries with him. Baba knows best.I  don’t need to worry about anything when Baba is besides me.

When we shifted from Delhi  after being betrayed and cursed by our relatives, I promised everyone on behalf of Baba that if my sai desires 30% will become 300% of property. Relatives who cheated us told us that God is angry on me and that’s why he made me and family suffer.

I questioned baba a lot but answer was within me.

Whenever I questioned Baba, Baba must have questioned me back ” Do You have faith on me?”

I know, I can answer back now. My Baba is not angry with me. He only protected me from a toxic relationship.My Baba has not forgotten me. He is not punishing me. He has taken effects of my past bad karmas on him. Baba has not cursed me instead he has blessed me with an invincible weapon of his naam jap.

Anna… Thank u for telling me that time will change. Slowly but surely things will change. I will do my duties and try to follow Baba’s path as much as i can. One day my Baba will end my family’s sufferings and what he will give us will be permanent.

I will never question our Baba again. I am happy and smiling after 7 months of depression and trauma and I owe it to Sai and Sai devotees..

Thank you anna

Hope you liked Kritika’s transformation. There are devotees complaining so much without taking little effort to understand who is Saibaba. You must do chanting or Aarti. You must remember Sai Sai Sai deep in your heart. Only then, you can realize his presence is beyond fulfilling your desire.

Keep remembering Sai be satisfied for the little that Saibaba has done to you and your family. Gradually good times will come when Sai will fulfill your desire.

Om Sai Ram


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