I personally don’t recommend Whatsapp group for Sai devotees

Sairam friends,

I have a good friend Kashyap in Shirdi. I know him for more than 12 years. For a long time, he used to say that I should arrange a Shirdi trip where all my Sai friends across India should come together for a week and experience Sai.

I told him if will be nice to meet Sai devotees who had mailed me or know me for the past 15 years but I rarely get a chance to meet Sai children who knows me.

I firmly believe, unless Sai wills I can’t meet any devotee.

So such planned trips to Shirdi never works. Secondly, people go to Shirdi with their family members and hence I don’t wanna disturb them.

Last year, Kashyap ji again called up and told me “You should have a Whatsapp group where in you can say good things about Sai and also someday, you can plan a trip to Shirdi together”

I told him that its a good idea but I will never do it.

I will tell you the reason.

We should never do anything that exposes phone number of anyone – Especially phone number of girls.

Some girls know how to handle stuff but we can’t expect the same from all girls. So its better not to take the risk of having a whatsapp group or group on any cloud messaging platform.

Further, I am like this because only when some problems happen, people write to me. So I only see how bad things can go when a girl’s contacts are misused.

This doesn’t make me all good. I am just trying to be in safer side. Why should I get into worries that because of me some girl got into problems.

Its better to stick to emails. This way, no one is hurt. I am also always thinking and worrying a lot these days. So no time to reply most of the mails I get.

I think about my old parents and wonder how long my life will be like this. I am also planning how to do something that inspires Sai devotees to chant his holy name – Sai..Sai…Sai.

When I was in Mumbai in 2008, I used to chant so nicely. I am not able to chant like that these days.

Chanting Baba’s holy name is a gift.

Couple of month back, after I left my job, I messaged this girl Sai often showed in dream. I just apologized to her because it keeps hurting me why I bothered a girl based on Sai dreams?

Later, I felt why I messaged her because I never used her number for 2 years and must have remained that way.

I feel guilty about all that happened. Thankfully, now my mind is filled with what I am going to do on my own. I am OK with my current job BUT I wish to run my own Startup because that’s what Sai showed in dream.

I should be independent.

There’s a good Sai friend of mine who says people only talk about Sai in her Whatsapp group. Well, let them but it exposes everyone’s phone number to anyone and we can’t take care of who is interacting with whom.

This article isn’t to discourage Sai devotees but to let few people know that privacy is more important than whatever benefits you gain from any Whatsapp group for that matter.

Some people run groups for better Career, to help people get job, to learn something etc. Apart from what you gain, there’s also something you loose. Your privacy is something you should treasure.

My Whatapp UI looks clean now since thankfully, In the new job, none included me in any group so far. I know the moment they include me, its only a distraction.

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