Some Pain has to be experienced so that you will understand what others are going through

Sairam friends,

One of my friend was constructing a Dattatreya and Shirdi Saibaba temple in Coimbatore. Its situated 2-3 Kms from my house and hence I took my Father to the temple at 11. I really loved Lord Dattatreya status especially since during my days in Mumbai, I often remember Lord Dattatreya and Saint SreePaadha Sree Vallabha.

Our Sai is 4th incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

As soon as I entered the temple and joined my palm to worship Datta and Sai, I felt Saibaba is telling me this

“You will have severe headache today that will continue for life”.

I was little confused.

Apart from dreams, I have several experiences like this when ever I am at home or in temple. When I look at Gods or saints, I feel they give me a message. I hear no voice or read no words but its surprising how I feel this.

Sometimes, because of this experience I also have problem of imagining something stupid and assuming the message is from God or Saint. So we can’t identify which is really message from Sai and which is our silly imagination.

I showed a small Gurusthan like little temple constructed behind the main temple. My Dad and myself loved it. He told me that it looks like our Sai temple at home but slightly bigger. We only had little prasad as Mom already cooked in home.

We came back, cleaned my Car and then had lunch.

After that, it started.

I got severe head ache which I could not bear at all. I thought it will be healed as soon as I have tablets but nothing worked. I felt as if I have fever too. When ever I am sick, I won’t let my Mom leave me alone. My Mom asked me to smell the Eucalytus oil in hot water smoke. Then too, I din’t got rid of head ache. My Mom stuck two tiny leaves of Betel on my forehead. he he..

Then, I slept off and when I woke up, I felt little better.

I really suffered a lot for 2-3 hours due to head ache. Its after all head ache. Nothing much but how much it disturbs us? I also felt as if Sai gave me lifetime of pain within 2 hours.

When ever I experience some pain either mentally or physically, I think that Saibaba wants me to understand what others are going through.

There’s so much I have learnt in life because I struggled a lot all my life.

I din’t became a filmmaker as I desired. This helped me understand guys and girls who are writing to me about their studies, exam, career goals and problems at work.

I wasn’t blessed to marry the girl I loved. One after another, every girl I liked disappeared. This helped me understand what it means when someone shares their relationship problem with me.

In Saibaba temple, if any guys tells my friends that they are going through problem because of their girl friend, my friends show me to them.

“See Venkat. After all these experiences, he’s still strong internally and hope to live”

That was one of their favourite joke.

I wanted to grow an Entrepreneur and work on my own Startup but Sai often asks me to shut my mouth and be content with the current job.

I don’t see anything really happening as I desire.

These days, some of my friends say that I look old as I lost lots of hair in the past year. When I got head ache today, I realized its not necessary for me to look young as long as I am in good health.

Only when we get pain, we realize the importance of doing good karma. You really don’t have to do good to others but atleast understand what they are going through.

Today, I told my Mom that I used to give tablets to some colleagues when ever they have headache or fever but I don’t really know their pain. I thought headache is a simple issue. Today, I realized headache could be unbearable. I was rolling in the bed asking Sai to heal me..he he…

Coming back to the message I got just few hours back while I had no idea that I will have such severe headache.

How am I getting such messages? Am I special to Sai and Datta that they tell something before hand so that I won’t worry much? There are several such experiences in which Saibaba had benefitted me through dreams. I have no clue why Sai takes care of me so much. I am not so good and pure. I am not so much devoted to Sai. I just think of him every moment. These experiences are really strange.

I am OK to experience severe headache for 2-3 hours. Some Pain has to be experienced so that you will understand what others are going through

So don’t be upset when you are going through a tough time in life.

Every pain, every disappiontment and every failure in life is to make you more matured and help you to get close to Sai.

Being a better human is the only way to get close to Sai.

Edit – Last night, I slept off and suddenly woke up at 2.55 A.M. I lit lamp to Sai and looked at Lord Dattatreya in my pooja place. I spoke to Sai for a while and kept chanting his holy name. Then, I slept back. I felt so divine because of a very vivid dream blessed by Lord Datta and Sainath. I can’t believe waking up early in the morning and remembering Sai Datta is so good. I feel blessed today. Wish to make videos that inspires people. Working on it!

Sai blessings


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