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Sai answers prayers of a Daughter to take care of water problem in parents home

Sairam friends,

Last night, I had been to Saibaba temple and came back home. I was little harsh to one of my friend over phone but felt why should I do it? I better never bother anyone. My neighbour aunty has gone to U.S with her husband to see her Son’s kids. Once in a while, I look outside the window of my parents room at night.

My Mom asks me what am I watching? I tell her

“I am taking care of their home. I am looking if there are any theives”. he he…

Today, I was blessed with a dream as if aunty has written a very affectionate letter to me and kept 50 Rs too. I also tell her some men were standing near her home and the compound wall is about to fall down. So I kept some stones to balance it.

I am not sure why I got this dream but I will watchout at night so that their home is safe. I was blessed with other 2 dreams too which I don’t want to express as of now.

After many days, I am posting a devotees experience. Here’s the comments I received for the below article

Do you really love your Mom and Dad?

Sai answers prayers of a Daughter to take care of water problem in parents home

Excellent post Venkat!

I share your sentiments. My parents are old and difficult and I’m left feeling very frustrated. Reading your post, it was like Baba reminding me that however difficult they are, they only have me! Sairam

Such a deeply moving writeup on parental love! And this really is applicable to my situation in life. I have parents who are very difficult to manage. With Baba’s grace I’ve supported them financially for many years since my father doesn’t get a pension. Unfortunately, I lost my job a few months back, but despite this with Swami’s help I’m still supporting them.

There has been a huge water problem in their apartment complex mainly their apartment. I live in another city and my parents live alone. They suddenly told me yesterday that they have to pay 15000 rupees to the building association to get the water problem fixed. Also when they call the plumber, he is refusing to come. So they were feeling very helpless and frustrated without water and any help.

At thus juncture, 15000 is a lot of money for me to give but I was looking at my finances to see how to meet these expenses. I earnestly prayed to Baba to help resolve this problem. And Swami heard my prayers.

All of a sudden unexpected this morning, the plumber who was avoiding them all these days, rang their door bell.He looked at the problem and said a valve and a tap connection had to be changed. As of some unknown force was at work, he went to the shop got the parts, and changed them. And water started to flow! What a miracle by Baba! And even bigger miracle was the entire repair cost was only Rs 1117!!! Not Rs 15000.

Now, if this is not Baba answering my prayers, then what is it?

I love Baba Sai and my humble pranams to Him. May Sai guide each one of us and may we all live our lives singing His glory.


Hope you like this devotees experience. When ever you want to do good to others, especially your parents, children, wife and husband, Sai will certainly help you. At times, it takes time but atleast the basic requirements will always be satisfied by Saibaba.

So take care of your parents. Sai will take care of you.


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