Do you really love your Mom and Dad?

Sairam friends,

Funny thing about us is that we assume we are good enough but since Sai keeps a check on our thought process and behaviour, he knows what we really are. This year, I did not like writing any article during Fathers day because most of these girls and guys don’t know what real love towards parents is.

I will tell you something.

Love towards parents is not being good to them when they are in good health and there’s harmony in family.

Real love on Mom and Dad is being kind to them even when they face uncertainities in life.

These days, I am not starting to Saibaba temple as before during weekends. Something made me think Saibaba in me. Deep in me and even if I remember him that will do. I go to temple when I wish to be in such a good environment. I reached home, had dinner and told my parents about the Flight tickets available to go to the U.S

I told my Mom, we must board flight from Coimbatore to Mumbai, Wait 3.40 hours, after immigration board flight to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, wait there for 3.50 hours and the next flight to Minneapolis. From there, my Sister will take us in her car on a 4 hour drive. On the whole, its going to be over 30 to 35 hours of journey.

Tickets are not yet booked describing it makes my Mom get concerned.I told her if we are getting Visa, then lets see how to plan and she must make herself feel relaxed. My parents had been to U.S  thrice but they have become feeble now.

My Mom had back ache last night and told me wonder how She’s going to manage travelling all the way and be back safe.

I told her that I will be with her and she will be fine.

I came back to my room and tried to do something but I can’t’. I felt depressed and worried. I lit lamp to Saibaba and spoke to him for a while.

A fear emerged in me as if my Mom passed on her fear to me. I told Baba, please be with us during this journey, stay in the U.S and while reaching home too because parents are too weak these days. My Father has few complications too but he acts confident.

With all these difficulties, is this trip to visit my Sister important? To be honest, I never once told my Sister that I am missing her for the past 6 month. What ever sentiments I have, I pour it on StarSai through my words and never express anyone. I kept remembering my Sister and Katya a lot. Sai blessed me with a dream sometime before 3 month as if I am having a good time with my niece in the U.S.

I din’t know why Sai showed me such a dream because it was planned that my Sister would come to India this August to meet us.

Couple of month back, my Sister suddenly changed the plan and asked us to be there. This is trip I would cherish for lifetime because Baba worked on my Sister’s mind because he knows I really love to see her. Its been 8 long years and I wonder how we as a family have never been together.

Saibaba showed me few strange dreams

When ever my parents get sick, I get really upset with them and shout at them if they can’t take care of themselves.

A month back, I had a dream as if my Mom is asking me to pack stuff in the bag repeatedly. I get frustrated and run to beat her…he he…

I was wondering why such a dream? Probably, Sai says even if I get annoyed with my parents, they get hurt as if I am beating them or it could be exaggeration of my frustration. Sai wants me to be relaxed even when my parents irritated me saying something or by not taking care of themselves.

Today, again I got a dream as if I am arguing with my parents outside home. It was not a clear dream. I just could feel I am shouting at them for their innocent mistakes.

I woke up telling myself these words

“As parents get old, they might say something that’s bothering us or do something that irritates us but we must always be affectionate to them”

Simply telling the world you are thankful for your Mom and Dad isn’t enough. Ask yourself if you have such innermost frustration on your parents?

They might bother you a lot but they only have you.

So love them. Really, love them.


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