Sai convinced me with a dream that India will have good time ahead

Sairam friends,

As I see my Sister, Brother in Law asking if I like to move to the U.S, I don’t know what’s stopping me from saying “Yeah. I would love to”.

I can’t understand if its my love for India or probably I am destined to live in India. Obviously, the most important reason being my Amma and Appa.

They like to live in their home peacefully in Coimbatore. So I have to be with them.

In my previous article, I had wrote that I am not satisfied with the governance in India.

This morning, I was blessed with a very vivid dream.

I have a senior in my office who’s quite close to me. We used to discuss on various issues.

In the dream, I see this sir and myself on a Hill temple. It could be Palani hill or a small hill 2-3 Kms from our Office in Coimbatore. Something strange is that, I see we both are sitting under a tree and near bushes. Few feet from us is a railway track.

I am giving him some snacks to have.

I tell him that we people have been suffering a lot past few years. In 2019, we will be having better governance.

(I am not revealing more than this and let me keep it confidential)

Later, I walk to the edge of the mountain and look at the greenish agricultural field in Coimbatore. Its just like an aerial view of fertile land.

That’s it.

I woke up and felt happy for this dream because no matter where you travel, naturally your heart thinks about your own Mother land.

Couple of days back, my Mom told me that we must speak over phone to one person in India everyday – Our neighbor aunty, Relatives and family friends. This is because my Mom loves to speak Tamil.

In my Sister’s home only my Sister speaks in Tamil and that too only when she speaks to my parents. My niece very knew very few words in Tamil.

I told my Mom that I don’t feel that way. I am OK no matter in which language anyone speaks to me.

Today, I had been to the Indian store. The owner spoke in Tamil asking what happened to my hand. I told him and his wife that I fell down while biking.

We are planning for a 4 day tour and he told me “Poitu vaanga..Kaiya odachuradheenga” as a way of wishing us happy journey and asking me not to break my hand.

I felt good when I heared it.

Probably, Tamil is beautiful and we would realize it only when someone suddenly speaks.

I over heared other customers speaking in Tamil as it was an Indian store.

There’s a Bank running their IT operations in this city for over 15 years.

So someone was saying

“Enna Projectla potutaanga”

“Neenga Call ku varala’

“Enna Production la potutanga”

(They assigned me in the project team…You din’t came during the call…They put me in the production team…)

Felt happy to over hear them.

My Sister is a research scientist and hence she only speaks about the research she’s doing. This morning, one of my close friend at work wanted to get her advice as his Mother has Alzhmier’s disease. My Sister spoke to him for over 20 minutes. Later she told me

“Scientists like us are working so hard because they believe atleast after 10 or 20 years their research will help to find a cure for such diseases”

I love my Sister’s love for science.

My Sister told me today that She can help me move to the U.S but I should have interest and take effort.

She asked me to start working on Phd as soon as I go back to India.

I told her, I will surely do it and decide where I wish to live. I added, I somehow feel that I like India.

She keeps asking hows my hand every morning and evening.

Its healing but pains when I touch it. Please pray that it must heal completely and there must not be any infection.

The featured photo was taken while we went on a walk in the downtown. I like the girl reading book statue so much!

Today, my niece printed a list of books she read this summer. She has read more than 10 huge books. I told her that I am proud of her that when she’s in 6th grade, she reads so much. I wish Indian children are also encouraged to read! I mean read books other than what’s in their syllabus.

Hope you like it.

Om Sai Ram


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