I like experiencing pain for it makes me a better person

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Firstly, Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my dear girls coming to StarSai regularly. Some of you write me and many don’t but I respect all of you and want the best in your life. Good health, Nice husband, Sweet kids and Happy family. And that’s not all. I want you girls to focus on your studies and career. Rock and make your parents proud!

Secondly, I fell down while biking this evening. Its little painful but I am OK. My Sister took care of me with all love I could expect on Earth. I can smile.

(The featured photo shows the deep wound in my palm. Though it was painful, I wanted to cover the green lawn and the top corner shows the river. You can’t take the photographer in me even in such situation..he he )

Seems Saibaba wants to bless me with different experiences while I am here in the U.S staying in my Sister’s home. This morning, I read Lalitha Sahasranamam sitting in my room. I was feeling blissful and kept remembering Goddess Lalithambigai. From morning, it was planned that my Niece, BIL and myself would go biking to some beautiful places.

In the evening, my Sister started watching a scary movie on My BIL and niece told her not to watch such scary movies. I was telling them that when She was a kid, she used to read Ghost novels and once we watched a Tamil movie called 13naam number veedu sitting outside out home in Tirunelveli village. It must be mid-night when 2 Dogs came between the relatives watching movie and starting barking to each other. All of us got really scared!

We started preparing our bikes, filling air and then started riding.

I love this city so much. Weather was nice too. I enjoyed the ride so much as we were cycling across the bend near the railway line. My BIL went in front, then it was a steep road over which I was riding fast. I didn’t realize that I am too fast and applied the break to make sure I don’t fall on my niece who was riding in front of me.

With in moments, I saw myself falling down. Probably, that’s how accidents happen. You never know what’s happening.

My mobile flew away and broke. My DSLR kept in the basket of the bike also fell down.

As if by reflex action, the first thing I did was to check if my DSLR camera is broken. I touched the white bag and saw my blood all over the bag. That’s when I realized the cut was a bit deep in my right palm. My niece saw me, stopped her bike and thankfully, I was able ride further to a place where the Big Sioux river was running and there was a seating in the park.

My Brother in Law was little upset as I was bleeding a lot. He gave me tissue to wipe of the blood and also gave juice to drink. Kats had a closer look of my wound and said “It’s kind of deep”.

I probably think she was not keeping well looking at the blood. I smiled to her and told her “I am completely alright Kats”

I even suggested that we should continue to ride to the Falls park.

Kats examined my wound which was still bleeding and said

“Its deep. We should go back home guys”.

It was sweet when she said that!

So we came back.

Kats guiding me as usual asking me to follow her and my BIL riding behind me.

While we came to the street near my Sister’s home, Kats kind of fell down on the lawn as if she was satisfied that she took me safely home. I again told her “I am doing good and she must not get fainted”.

She’s pretty American in her attitude. So told me “I am alright” and finally we reached home.

By the time I parked the bike in the garage and got in the home, my Sister started was panicked and asked “Is it deep?”

Kats said “Yeah it is”.

My Sister shouted at me saying “That’s why I always told you to be careful”

As the blood stain got away, she asked my BIL to get some stuff to tie over the wood. My Mom and Dad were concerned as they also were sick at times and now, I did this drama. Even in Coimbatore, I won’t be this careless. Yeah. I got hurt in my feet in 2017 running to my friends as they said I am going to drink. That was pure stupidity.

This time, it was again my carelessness. I din’t realize that I was going too fast to break as it was a steep road going downwards.

My Mom keeps saying that we must pray Saibaba to keep us safe for another 25 days and go home without troubling my Sister.

I told my Sister that Kats was little scared when she saw the blood. My Sister again shouted at me saying

“Yeah. You must have been careful. She obviously would have got scared because she loves you”

My Sister made Pasta for Kats and myself. I remembered the first time we had Italian food while we were kids. An family friend’s brother had an Indian restaurant in Rome and he used to cook pasta when ever he visits India.

As we were watching live news report of U.S Senator John McCain’s demise on CNN my Sister asked me if its painful? I told her, I am just thinking why I was so careless.

The funny part is this…

I used to worry a lot about how Kats rides her little bike. So I had been warning her to let people in cars know what she’s gonna do. Then only they will be able to see her and decide to either stop their car or not.

I told my Sister that now Kats won’t allow me to advice her since she saw me falling down. We were laughing.

So why all this happened?

I love Saibaba. Sai is always with me.

Sai guides me in dream.

He could have stopped me from biking today. Why he din’t do it?

Saibaba would have saved me from worse disaster which was about to happen. When I told my Sister that my DSLR and Mobile also fell down forcefully, he told me “What if your tooth was broken?

Saibaba wants me to experience this small pain.

I had experienced such pain in every aspect of my life.

Girls whom I cared for hurt me.

Guys whom I trusted as good friends hurt me.

I had set backs all through my Career and my personal life.

If not for all these obstacles, difficulties and disappointments in life, I would have never been what I am today. It made me a better person

Sometimes, Saibaba wants us to go through difficulties and pains to make us understand life.

I got hurt in my knee also. So I shall lay down now.

Thanks Saibaba for being with me. Please forgive me for the mistakes I did.

While I was bleeding and still having severe pain in palm, I still kept blabbering to my BIL that the place is beautiful and hence my BIL I took this photo with my broken mobile. It works though.

Holding my palm behind me to show as if nothing happened and we are cool! he he

While having dinner and I was complaining to my BIL that I am deeply hurt by the politicians in India, especially in the state of Tamilnadu, Kats told me

“Now is the right time to move to U.S forever”

My BIL too asked if I like it here.

I love it here in America but trust me, I love India too.

India has something in it which you can’t describe. As I always say, I love the ordinary people in India.

Om Sai Ram


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