Why should you keep yourself happy even when you are haunted by worries?

Sairam friends,

Couple of days back, I was really worried and told Saibaba about an issue.

On Sunday evening, I did meditation remembering Sai, Lord Venkateswara and one of my favorite Goddess Alamelumanga. I pleaded the Goddess to guide me.

On Monday morning, Sai blessed me with a dream which made me happy.

I woke up and thanked Sai for the dream. I went to Saibaba temple in the evening, met my friends and reached home. I was little worried and upset about something at night. I felt really painful.

At night, I tried to meditate but I could not.

I realized that I am worrying too much and this is a very bad habit. I also feel something hurting in my chest when I worry and get depressed thinking about what might happen in future.

I tried thinking various Goddess I love. Finally, I remembered Goddess Bhadrakali. I feel she’s Goddess of mercy and can bless one with happiness.

There’s a small Bhadrakali temple in Saibaba colony in Coimbatore. This is one of my favorite temple as the Goddess looks compassionate there.

I tried to remove the worries and fear deep in my chest remembering Sai and Goddess Bhadrakali.

After a while, I felt the blessings of the Mother Goddess fall on me.

I forced myself to be happy because worries will lead to fear, anger, lust, hatred and greed.

You might assume that you have all rights to worry about your life but you are also getting into other bad habits because of worries.

So try not to worry much. Take your loads of worry and offer in the holy feet of Sai.

Unload your worries and think about the good happenings in your life. If nothing good happens now, just feel happy for the good happenings which certainly will happen in your life in near future.

I find solace in remembering Sai and Bhadrakali.

You can find solace in so many things.

May be in going to a temple. May be in reading good books, may be in talking to your parents or dear ones, may be in learning a new course there by diverting your mind.

Some of you might find solace in traveling but that requires time and some expenses. So you should learn to be happy where ever you are.

I always keep my face sad at times. But deep inside, I always feel a sense of gratitude for what I got in life.

This gratitude leads to happiness.

Thank Sai for what you have in life and not what you don’t have. Worry for a minute or two. Later, try to smile and be happy.

Sai will always be with you to transform your life.

Om Sai Ram


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