I did meditation in my home imagining its Himalayas

Sairam friends,

The past few days, I have been trying to do Meditation. The problem with me is that I can’t sit in a place for long. I like to walk around. Even when I go to Saibaba temple, I like to stand somewhere or walk or talk to my Sai friends on phone. So all these years, I have never been able to meditate.

I never know to sing Sai Aarti. That’s because I can’t sit calmly in one place reciting Sai aarti. Ofcourse, I love Aarti and do hum Aarti in mind while standing outside main hall of temple.

Surprisingly, the past few days, I love meditating.

Last evening, I met one of my friend from previous company and then reached Saibaba temple. I distributed prasad, parked car outside temple and had a chat with some of my friends.

Later, I reached home. My Mom isn’t well. So I took care of her. Somehow, my mind was desiring to meditate. I couldn’t do meditation because I also was tired and hence slept remembering Sai.

This morning, Since I have off on Saturdays at work I was at home. So I used the time to meditate. Actually, I don’t trust modern sadhus and saints. But there are few good people who are really leading a pure life by meditating living inside some caves in Himalayas.

I imagined as if I am also in Himalayas and did meditation remembering Shirdi Sai Baba.

My legs would start to pain if I sit in same posture for long time. I also feel meditation isn’t an easy task. We have to keep our mind focused on meditation.

Only then it is possible for us to meditate.

Secondly, I don’t have any one to give me deeksha or to lift my life force to meditate. I see Sai himself as my Guru who gives me ability to work on my life force during meditation.

These days, Mobile phone is a huge distraction. I am also addicted to it. So I feel really blissful when I meditate. I feel pure.

I wish to teach meditation to all Sai children. It will help you get close to Sai.

Secondly, modern gurus are fooling around people in the name of Yoga and meditation. I wish to make meditation available for everyone. Every Sai devotee should practice meditation simply remembering Sai as their Guru.

There’s nothing more divine than meditating remembering Gods, Goddess you love or Sai.

Please sit in a calm place, secure your belongings and meditate. Initially try meditating for 20 minutes. You can gradually meditate for 2 hours. Like chanting Sai naam, meditation is also a way to burn away your sins of past several births.

I will write more about my experience during meditation in few days.


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