Sai blessed me with a divine dream as if I visit a temple of Goddess

Sairam friends,

I had a very divine dream last night. As you all know once in a while, I used to see dream of Goddess. I don’t know why Goddess has always been kind to me. I just have to think about Sai and sleep and I will see some Goddess in dream.

The dream I had last night was beautiful. It was as if I am attending a conference. I see some foreigners there and speak to them. Then, I go to near by temple.

The temple has a duck roaming around. Then, I see little Lord Ganesha temple and offer Rs.5 Coin as dakshina. Then, I go inside the main hall of temple.Here, I could see a Goddess. I can’t guess which Goddess is it though.

It’s some Goddess and She’s powerful.

Later, I ask someone about going around the hill. They speak about a specific peak and then getting down.

I woke up and felt blissful. I guess the Goddess could be like Meenkulathi Bagavathi amman temple. It could also be a Goddess temple in Nagarcoil because I hear that I go to temple in this place in the dream.

I woke up and did a search of temples in Nagarcoil. I found this Nagarajar temple in Nagarcoil was like the temple I saw in dream. It means, the temple for sacred snake.

Surprisingly, my Mom’s side kuldevta is also a divine snake called Gobal swamy. He came to our ancestor before 200 years in a kalasam in river.

Nagarajar temple, Nagarcoil
Nagarajar temple, Nagarcoil

Well..It’s hard to interpret dreams but sometimes, I am thankful to Saibaba for taking me to such beautiful temples in dream. I don’t have to travel by Bus, car or flight. I just sleep remembering Sai.

Last night, I remembered Goddess Bhadrakali as she’s Goddess of mercy. And I saw myself visiting temple of some Goddess.

Anyway, I have another temple in mind. Last night, I told my friend Neha that I wish to take her to Surya Narayana temple in Bangalore. So probably, I could have seen this temple also in dream.

In November 2018, I went to an event in Bangalore near Domlur. There, I spent almost 5 hours in Surya Narayana temple and also lit lamp to Goddess Vaishnodevi.

I am feeling insecured with my current job too. I should do something on my own at night. Saibaba has to show me a way. Asking Sai to bless me with good ideas to work on.


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