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A Son’s journey in curing his Mother

Sairam friends,

I would like to share the devotees experience from Poornachandra. It’s not about Sai leela. I also like this Man’s love for his Mother and how he took responsibility to take her of his old Mother.

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I am Poornachandra from Andhra Pradesh,India. I would like to share my experience how sai helped my mother to cure her cancer and how he stopped me with my parents in a much needed time.

In 2019 January I returned to India after competing my deputation for 1 year in Shanghai. Thing are going pretty well and suddenly I heard like my mother is suffering from over bleeding after diagnosis doctors suspected this to be a symptoms of cervical cancer.

We immediately sent the reports of her for the confirmation to labs and unfortunately it was confirmed as Stage 2B. As per doctors advice we immediately accepted for surgery to remove the tumor instead of checking the treatment in multi specialty hospitals in cities.

After surgery, doctors informed us that still there are some glands got infected which needs radiation and chemotherapy treatments. In parallel she was undergoing tremendous struggle after the surgery.

Her potassium levels went down and she started doing the blood vomit which made me feel very sad and I was praying to our Baba continuously. According to the doctors advice we moved immediately to a multi specialty hospital in which at the hospital entrance I have seen a big idol of our sai baba which boosted my confidence everything will be normal soon.

Complete night I was praying to him and the miracle happened sai came in the form of a doctor and made her to stop blood vomits immediately in 5 min. After seeing this I regained more confidence and faith that she will be fine soon. As expected she was discharged after some days.

Now my job is to search a good hospital for radiation and chemotherapy. To my utter surprise, one of my friend informed me that his uncle is a famous oncology Surgeon and gave his contact number. I cannot forget these two people to my rest of my life.

This doctor immediately asked me to send my mother reports to his WhatsApp after checking the reports he replied me don’t worry this can be cured. With lot of hopes we went to Hyderabad for a better treatment and that hospital “ American Oncology “ is one of the best hospitals for cancer.

Till that we did not informed her that she had cancer because she is very weak hearted person. After going there slowly we revealed the actual problem on Thursday and to my surprise she reacted a little worried than the expected. Hope Baba boosted her confidence that she will be fine after seeing the hospital and the staff.

Finally the radiation and chemotherapy treatment started which made her weak and struggle a lot. Fortunately we have completed the treatment with some delays and returned home. Baba has helped us in so many ways. Money was given to my friends immediately after asking just once and I also had some savings of my deputation money.

My aunts daughter was with us to help my mother more than 60 days because her college did not stated yet. I resigned in the current organisation and supposed to travel japan but fortunately my management stopped for leaving the company soon without serving the complete notice period and they also gave me work from home option for which I worked from hospital by taking care of my mother.

If I was moved to Japan sooner then my life would be a disaster they my father cannot hold the tension during the treatment which I have take care and I also would not have happy in Japan after knowing these things.

By Babas blessings after completing the treatment I moved to japan and started clearing the debts slowly. Doctor advised my mother to come for checkup after 90 days to confirm whether it is completely cured or not.

After that I made a promise to Baba that if she becomes normal I will tell my experience of you with others.

Today 14th Nov 2019 ( Thursday) we got a confirmation from doctors after a final checkup that she is normal. Thanks to all of the people who prayed for my mother and supported me.

Sai will take care of everyone and everyone.

Om sai ram.


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