Sai devotees of future

Sairam friends,

Most of my writings might seem to be odd for the current times. You might wonder why I often write about stuff which I can’t change?

I don’t know what’s going to happen 100 or 1000 years from now. I won’t be there but Sai is always going to be there and he has to deal with his children – His devotees.

I can simply write about some temples, pooja or lighting lamps. Trust me. None of this is possible unless one realizes the greatness of Guru and gets rid of their bad habits.

What will my life be if I were to be born 200 years from now? What will be the expectation of the society from me? How will the environment around me influence me?

So 200 years from now, I will still have the same complication in life but I am sure I will be more pressurized. If I am devoted to Sai 200 years from now, what will be the responsibility of Saibaba?

How is he going to take care of me with all the complications that might emerge in 200 years?

Saibaba has helped me a lot through dreams. To devotees who don’t see Sai in dream, remember, he’s helping you. Just that he is not showing how he has helped you in dream.

So Sai’s kindness is always on us.

As times passes on, cultural standards will evolve. So Sai has to work based on the current cultural values.

Example: When Baba lived until his samadhi in 1918, when some men come saying they don’t have child from his wife, Baba used to bless few to have kids. Strangely, Baba even asks few men to marry second time to have a child.

Here comes the cultural norms of that era – Those days, it was a norm for a man to marry twice or even thrice to have a child. So Sai recommended the same to few.
Gradually, our societal norms changed. We realized its not a norm for a man to marry again just to have a child. Now, Sai also will change according to the current norms in the society.

Similarly, 200 years or 1000 years from now, society will have a different norm for each and every issue.

Sai will always work on what’s acceptable to the society in that particular moment.

This is why ancient Indian saints like Shirdi Sai Baba don’t have specific manuscripts of their preaching. Infact, they never preached anything.

They want you to lead a good life complying with what’s right according to the norms laid out by the society and what’s culturally acceptable during that era.

The question about what would happen in 200 years is that, what if the society is forced to accept things which are unacceptable in spiritual terms. This is when things gets complicated.

I am sure Sai will be able to work for his devotees based on what’s good for them. But a devotee should also have immense patience.

I always imagine how good my life would have been had I lived before 100 years? Similarly, someone born 200-300 years form now, will certainly assume their life would have been better if they were born 200 years before.

I always write for future.

I am worried about people of future. The Sai devotees of future.

Wonder how their life will be and how Sai who’s supposed to take care of them will manage.

My Mom isn’t well.

So Tata,


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