How foolish I am..

Sairam friends,

I slept off last night as I was tired. Seems my Mom wasn’t well not night but I never knew. I was in deep sleep. I asked her to come near me and wake me up if she’s not well.

Anyway, the past few days, I am wondering what I am. I have been benefited by Sai dreams and I can vouch that Sai works for their devotees in various ways. To me, Sai has also conveyed how he works through dreams.

I am really worried why in few issues Sai dreams have never come true. I am also wondering why should Saibaba confuses me with dreams which doesn’t seem to be practically possible.

This really hurts me.

It takes lots of patience to live based on Sai’s dreams. I will be taking my Mom to Doctor now.

So can’t write much.

Hope Sai shows me a way


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