Saw a beautiful Statue of Lord Ganesha in a scenic place

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I had been to Nagasai Mandir in Coimbatore and felt good. I was meditating for a while. My friend called me over phone. So I came out to speak to him. Later, I stood infront of the main hall staring at Sai.

These days, I don’t like to come around holy Dhuni of Sai. I simply like to walk around. My Father often asks me if I am walking because I don’t do any physical work but even when I find time in temple, I simply like to stand and stare at Sai Baba.

I like to imagine Sai before 100 years when he was living in Shirdi. I keep speaking to Sai in my heart.

I remember back in 2002-2003, I used to go to Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai. There was this very old man who stands in a corner looking at Goddess Karpagambal. He won’t be able to speak. So he simply tries to say something looking at the Goddess which none understands.

I always remember this old man’s devotion on Goddess Karpagambal.

Probably, it is his behavior of standing far from Goddess and looking at her makes me love looking at Sai from distance.

In 2013, one of my colleague in previous company gave me prasad from Siddhi Vinayak temple in Mumbai. So I visited the temple in 2016. Last evening while standing in Saibaba temple, I was also remembering Siddhi Vinayak of Mumbai.

Surprisingly, this morning, I had a beautiful dream.

It’s like a Police man is taking bunch of my friends in current company to a beautiful scenic place. He leads us to a que and since we came with this police man, we could surpass the que. The funny part is, my colleagues are pushing aside all the men and women and walking infront of the que. he he… (I don’t like such behavior but it happens only in India).

Finally, a gate is being opened. Once they open the gate, I could see a beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha. It leads to a road surrounded by huge trees like Hill Station.

Today is a special day as its someone’s birthday. So I felt happy as Sai blessed me with Siddhi Vinayak of Mumbai. I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life though.

We are also moving to a temporary office space and hence I hope everything should be fine as Sai blessed me with Lord Vinayakar in dream.

OK guys.



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