What really is devotion

Sairam friends,

Lets say we have a good friend who’s with us for long. What he/she does for her will gradually become “Not so important” for us. Similarly, Sai has always been with me. This is a relationship that has continued from early days in my life. And Sai himself has said he has been related to his devotees from past several births.

Just that, I recently feel that I am not devoted to Sai the way I was back in 2005. Those days, I used to be too involved in Sai devotion. One of the reason I calmed down is that my parents felt I shouldn’t be too religious or spiritual.

Only later in 2007, Sai started showing dreams. From 2013, Sai started blessing me with dream to help me and guide me in most of the issues. Irrespective of all these help from Sai, I don’t remember Sai Baba that often.

I just go to temple every night. This isn’t devotion. People who go to temple or those who go on a pilgrimage are blessed but what they experience inside themselves and how they express love on the Saint, God and Goddess is devotion.

Devotion is the love on Sai and how we express it from deep in our heart.

I wish Shirdi Sai Baba blesses me with such a devotion.

Further, in 2005, I had no worries about my parents health. So probably, I was able to focus on Sai.

These days, I am not able to reply all the mails I receive from devotees but I am trying my best.

You too should ask Saibaba to bless you with immense devotion and purity in heart.

Om Sai Ram


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