Sai, Bless Students to take interest in Studies – Education can change your life

Sairam friends,

I write everything based on what I deeply feel, realize and understand. A writer can never tell a Lie in his writing. He can say a lie but can’t write.  I was never interested in Education when I was in School and always perceived Studies as burden. It honestly has something to do with the Great Indian Education system or my own fate for having uninspiring Teachers or my interest in doing creative stuff.

Goddess of Learning – Saraswathi -I love this painting by Raja Ravi Varma

Study the day before Exam:

What ever it be, I regret for not taking interest in studies. I am a kind of “Study the day before Exam” kid all my life..he he… Nothing wrong but it shows you really Learn just because you have exams to face and not really because you are interested in Learning to develop your knowledge.

Many parents, mostly Mothers write me mails that they are worried about their Son/Daughter not studying well and too playful. These days, they write me my son is always playing Games, too many friends etc.

Well, It happens. I has to happen. That’s what I call as “Great Indian Education”

I live in city where there must be at least 30 so called International Schools with “You name it” Syllabus and these parents had to pay all their Earnings to as School fee. Businesses are started based on demand and because of emerging population in India, Schools are always in Demand.

For the next 20 – 30 years until we have a situation like present America where there are more Elder population than Younger population our schools can charge you “Fortune” to educate your children.

Nothing wrong ! In India, Everything is OK. As far as these schools are concerned be it International or otherwise, they call it “Quality of Education” they offer justifies this fee. Ya. IT does….How true?

Hope people who own schools doesn’t come behind me for writing this …he he..

Freedom of Speech has always a “Star” with Conditions Apply in India.

I write because I know the pains of Parents trying to educate their children be it School or College.


Irrespective of spending so much for Education, some students are not getting interested in Education. Some perform well in up to few classes and then loose interest in studies. Some do well in school and later in College they get too busy with friends and other stuff.

I was having a plan and still planning to have a Education resource website but if i do that am also going to only write about all these Schools and Colleges making money. Any Service survives with the Money they Earn and every one needs Profit. Its not easy to run a school or College as they also have other expenses but at the same time, every Indian children deserves Good Education.

It worries me as too much of commercialization prevails in Education sector in India and world over, at times  parents are unable to help their children study what they wish to Learn.

Some students might complain their parents for years that they spoiled their life because of their inability to get them admission in a good school or university etc. My personal request is learn to accept what you get in life and grow from there. Not all can get what they desire in Life but no matter which course you are learning, do it with dedication. Someday you will be benefited.

There are some students who join in a School or University thinking its good for them but then they realize, they did a wrong choice. It happens.  Don’t let such things discourage you.

Keep Loving what you learn for the knowledge it gives you and not for where you study, what marks you score and how you are treated at school or college.

What can I tell a Mother writing me to pray for their Son/Daughter’s to do well in Studies?

I can suggest few Pooja. I can Say don’t force them or hurt them. Give them their space and freedom and let them take interest in Studies on their own. As usual, I can suggest to worship Sai and Goddess Saraswathi.

Did i really create an Impact in life of these Students.

I remember a girl who wrote me before 3-4 years. She has lived in Canada for many years and their parents shifted to Bangalore, India. She felt it too hard to get used to Indian Education. After couple of years, I remember she mailed me that she did find my words supportive.

Nine years of Star Sai. Just one girl got benefited ?

I have been writing about Goddess Koothanur Saraswathi and Shirdi Sai baba’s blessing for Good Education for years and wonder how many Students actually got inspired.

I also have a separate small Site –

Well, this is all i could do. Make someone feel confident with few words. Rest is in your hands. Its your future. Your life and you are going change your life if you take interest in Education.

Some guys and girls doing their Research work, Phd had also wrote me for prayers and at times, I had tried to make them feel Good. I can keep on writing Sloka, Mantra or some Daily Pooja but if i don’t inspire you, then I don’t gain anything. I am here to tell you very simply.

“Enjoy your life but keep telling yourself, You are going to do better in studies.”

Don’t get into Peer pressure. If others in your class score better marks than you, that doesn’t make you any less. Does it? Externally it does but you are really not here to compete with a little bunch of pupils. You are here to Learn something that will help you lead a good, comfortable, peaceful life.

Don’t get hurt when parents or teachers advice you or in a way hurt you.

Don’t compare yourself with others.

Some are good in studies and most are not..( Like me)

May be your school or college is filled with Intellectuals. Trust me, every head make a Value. Just continue to be where you are and keep learning.

Its just a matter of being Loving what you learn.

India has numerous Good institutions, Inspiring Teachers and wonderful parents. What we lack is helping students to “Love” Education and not consider it as burden.

Am getting late to go to Saibaba temple now. I was listening to few Hindi Songs when I started writing this Article. ( See. I am not against Entertainment but am for Education. So have a balance. Cool…cool..You can study well…Be confident”

Since I am writing about Education, I wanted to listen to any Good mantra. So I was listening to Saraswathi Suktam and felt it truly divine. You may not be able to recite it by heart. You can learn any easy simple Mantra on Goddess Saraswathi. Just try to listen to this divine Saraswathi Suktam.


I humble request to parents is don’t force your kids too much into Education where they are supposed to score high marks. Some children can. Some can’t and when you keep showing your disappointments to them, It makes them Hate Education. There are people who are highly educated but they don’t perform well in career or do big business mistakes.

There are some who are average but they continue to Study and reach great heights.

What we need is Students who love their Education.

Who are inspired by their teachers.

Who are Good at heart

Because Education which doesn’t teach good habits and character is of no use.

If your Son and Daughter is good and You believe they really are. Be Satisfied.

Now why did i think of writing this article !


One reason is that the past few days am worried about my language. The way I write doesn’t actually satisfy me. I really wanted to write more beautifully and make it look like an Art. Some Sai devotees like what I express but I know my writing would have been better if i had taken interest to learn better.

I could have inspired and motivated more people than what I have done now.

Moral of the story:

If you take interest in studies and Love learning, read lots of Good books, surely you too can bring a change in your life, Your family and also in others life.

There are families which has grown due to their Children Education and there are families which regretted for not educating their children years later. Now. Education doesn’t mean getting your Son/Daughter in a School or Top ranked Universities.

Just simply, gradually, make sure your Son/Daughter likes what they study. That will do. Sai will take care of the rest.

Education can Change your life.

Be happy to Learn.



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  1. Sir, iam verymuch worrying about my son and daughter. My son harish karthik not studying properly now a days. My daughter vaishnavi always getting toomuch angry and always crying for anything she wants. Iam worrying about them really. My husband is a sugar bp patient. He is taking toomuch tension bez of this kids. Kindly pray for their good studies and live as a good and successful human being.

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