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Sairam friends,

One of my Mom’s best friend is the aunt behind our house. Now she has gone to U.S to be with her Son’s and take care of their kids. Padma aunt and uncle has always been kind to us all these years and has been in our happy and sad times in our family. This afternoon I was worried a lot, don’t know what to write in StarSai and slept off remembering Sai.

I had a dream as if Padma aunt is not well and her eyes were so tiny. I can’t write the entire dream but when I woke up got upset with Sai and asked him why he gives me such dreams instead of guiding me properly.

I often have a habit of associating the names of people I see in dream with Goddess or Gods of whom the name belongs. So I was thinking may be Sai wants me to write about Sri Padmavathi Devi also called Alamelu Manga Thaayaar.

padmavathi devi
Padmavathi – Alamelu Manga – She who emerged from Lotus

Our Pilgrimage to Tirupati:

In December 2012, Me and my parents had been to Tirupati. I kept praying Sai to bless us with Good darshan of Lord Venkateswara and fortunately by Venkateswara’s grace, we really had a wonderful darshan. When ever I take my parents out, I get tensed because I care a lot for them and wanted to make sure they are safe.

But actually I scold them a lot for asking questions that irritates me..he he…

I love the holy lake Pushkarini so much and every time, I go Tirupati, I love having a bath there. My parents kept waiting and waiting and waiting while I was playing with a small kid who came from a village in Andhra. Remember his name is Teja. I was splashing water over him as he was crying to his father to get into water.

We then went to the Varaha temple and Lakshmi Hayagreevar temple situated over steps some where near the lake. I truly loved this temple as the priest did wonderful Pooja and archa for Hayagreevar.

It was getting late for train but we truly wanted to visit the Alamelu Manga temple situated in Tiruchanoor.

alamelu manga
Alamelu manga – Goddess who brings all Auspiciousness in life

Sri Padmavathi Devi darshan in Tiruchanoor:

We went by taxi and reached there mid afternoon. I was searching for some ways to get in soon and got a 100 Rs entrance ticket which also comes with Laddu…Hmm yummy.

We went in the que soon but was locked outside a grill and kept waiting. It was getting late for our train so we were anxious. Finally the Goddess showed her grace and we got in.

I got a cute Lotus flower which I offered to Sri Padmavathi Devi. She was graceful and divine. We took kumkum prasad. A devotee gave a token of Annadhan to my father as he can’t have. We too had train so I asked father to give to another devotee. I had Laddu and we were satisfied for we got darshan of beautiful Goddess.

I really don’t know to write about Sri Padmavathi Devi myself. So am going to post what’s in Wikipedia and request devotees to comment if you have any stories related to Padmavathi Devi.

Lady of the Lotus:

It seems Alamelu Manga in sanskrit means “Lady of the Lotus” and Padmavathi also means the same. The word Manga – Mangamma means Auspicious Lady. Hence we can understand Padhmavathi is Goddess who brings Auspiciousness in our life.

Alamelu (Telugu: అలమేలు) also known as Alamelu manga and Padmavati (often spelled “Padmavathi” or “Padmavathy”), is a Hindu devi. Believed to be a form of Lakshmi, the Hindu devi of wealth and good fortune, Alamelumange is the consort of Sri Venkateshwara. The name Padmavati is Sanskrit for “she who emerged from lotus”.

The main temple to Sri Alamelumanga is situated at Alamelu-Mangapuram, a suburb of Tirupati. Tradition dictates that every pilgrim to Tirupati must offer obeisance at this temple after visiting the temple at Tirupati-Tirumala Balaji.

Alamelu Manga is a major deity in Hinduism worshiped as an aspect of Goddess Lakshmi.It is believed that her intercession is indispensable to gaining the favour of the lord, it is also believed that Lakshmi is co-omnipresent, co-illimitable and the co-bestower of moksham along with Lord Vishnu.

Saint Sri Annamacharya, was a staunch devotee of Sri Alamelu Mangamma

You may wonder why Sri Padmavathi Devi’s temple is away from Lord Sri Venkateswara’s. Legend has it that the Lord (Sri Maha Vishnu, who later took on the incarnation of Sri Venkateswara) showed his reverence towards the sage, Bhrigu Maharshi, even though the sage had insulted Vishnu by kicking Him on the chest.

In anger, Sri Maha Lakshmi (the Lord’s consort) reached Patala Loka, where she heard a divine voice stating that a pushkarini was dug on the banks of the river Swarnamukhi, and here She immersed herself in penance for 12 years.

In the 13th year (during the month of Karteeka, on Panchami day in the last fortnight, highlighted by the nakshathram Uttarashadha), Sri Padmavathi emerged from a golden lotus. It is believed that Goddess MahaLakshmi herself emerged as Sri Padmavathi. ( Courtesy of

I was writing this article late night friends especially because I want Alamelu Manga forgive us for our sins and bless us with peace, Good health and Auspiciousness. May be she thought I forgot her and came in dream to make me write about her.

Few minutes before I started writing this article, I told my Amma about the dream and we remembered how we had Darshan of beautiful Alamelu Manga. She said yes we had wonderful darshan but immediately started why aren’t you married yet and why your sister works so far from her child and why her research paper isn’t accepted. God is not showing grace on us. I didn’t say anything because the past few weeks this  “getting married” topic eventually might get into argument. …he he…

Feeling the Ray of Blessing of Goddess:

I just feel very divine when I remember Padmavathi Devi tonight.I know Goddess is continuously showing her grace on us though we may never be able to see her grace. Is there a way to see the rays of blessing falling on us?

I experience this by having a very pure divine feeling in my chest. It happens very rarely when am really devoted to Gods, Goddess, Sai while in temple or while doing pooja or while chanting their holy name or at times while writing about Gods and Saints. It happens tome now and am happy that the Goddess shows that she cares for me and is happy now that I remember her.

A devotee had uploaded a Beautiful Mantra of Goddess Alamelu Manga in youtube courtesy of TTD Tv. I was listening to the sloka all the while writing this article. Hope you love it too friends. One of the most read article in StarSai is about the dream Lord Venkateswara blessed me with for chanting his holy name.

Sri Venkateswara – The God who opened eyes for chanting his holy name

Alamelumanga Namavali

Download Alamelu Manga Namavali mp3 – Click here

Alamelu Manga Video :

I will be very happy if Venkateswara and Padmavathi devotees write their experiences and any beautiful information about Alamelu Manga.

Aum Namo Narayanaya

Aum Namo Venkatesaya



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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  1. Thanks for attaching the alamelumanga thayar’s namavali mp3 downlad link along with the above useful informations. I was searching for this for a long time. Thank you so much. Let your service to Lord Sri Sai Baba continue to grow 🙂

  2. My favorite God Sri Venkateswara Swamy and Sri Padmavathi amma, thiruchanuru temple is very beautiful , I am very happy, god is great

  3. Padmavathi devi really brings wealth to us and she saves us from all bad things and she always bless us

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