Beautiful Murugan and Shirdi Saibaba pooja offering 108 lamps

Divine lamps
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

My Family deity is Sri Murugan of Palani hills. My Father regularly reads a holy book of Murugan for several years now. Since I live in Coimbatore, I like Murugan of Marudhamalai too. The greatness of Murugan is that he is always associated with pure saints. Hence, I like this pooja done by a devotee Abirami Ramesh.

108 lamps in the form of “OM”

When I first wrote about 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba, I never thought so many devotees would like to do it in their home and temples. Many of us know that its good to do pooja lighting lamps but only when we see how divine it looks through photos and others experiences, we get inspired to do it ourselves. StarSai has not done anything new. I simply tell them old tradition in a new way and fortunately people have been kind to me in following it.

Here’s 108 lamps lit in front of Saibaba and Lord Murugan in the form of Om


108 lamps in the form of sacred OM

My Mom has once told me that her ancestors has done Kumbabiskekam in Thiruchendur. That was decades back. My Grandma wanted to have a baby girl. So she stayed in Thiruchendur for Shasti and then gave birth to my Mom. When my Mom was sick when we were kids, she was saved by Lord Murugan. So my love for Murugan comes from years of love he has shown on our family.

Many Sai devotees tell me that they worship only Saibaba but I have a different opinion. Sai encourages us to do what our ancestors followed. Saibaba also gives importance to worship of Kul Devta which brings all auspiciousness in life.

I like the way Abirami has decorated in her pooja for Sri Murugan and Saibaba.

Saibaba with Vel

Shirdi Saibaba and Lord Murugan with Vel

I like the below Shirdi Saibaba portrait as I myself had similar photo at my home. Sai has a clear face in this photo and his ray of blessing keeps falling on us !

There are small photos of Lord Murugan, Saint Ragavendra, Hanumanji and Goddess kept in the pooja place.

Divine lamps

Lamps so pure and divine offered to Murugan and Saibaba

Shirdi Saibaba with Vel and Golden crown

I feel Sai baba is happy for this 108 pooja along with the divine sign “OM”

Saibaba statue

Shirdi Saibaba statue with golden crown

Hope you like this Pooja done by Abirami.

What did you learn from this story?

  1. If you have time and everyone in your family are interested, choose a day and light 108 lamps – Lamps can be lit with Ghee or Gingelly oil.
  2. Follow the God/Goddess your parents followed. It will bring all auspiciousness in your life.

Here’s the first 108 Pooja story I wrote. Another one done with help of Mother in Law.  Here’s a 108 lamps Pooja done for Sai and Goddess Bhuvaneswari.

Write me your experiences and photos of Baba taken in your home.

Om Sai Ram



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