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Sairam friends,

My Ma is still sick but managing herself. She had cough and pain due to it when ever she lay down. So I arranged pillow for her in such a way she can sleep few minutes without being disturbed by cough. I know Sai is protecting her. If she takes medicines to breath well, it results in severe headache. As someone you love gets old, its not treatment but personal care which matters more.

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Lamps lit for little Saibaba

Few days back I had a dream as if I am in a theater watching movie sitting in front row with a huge suitcase kind of box made of iron. They call it ‘Trunk potti’ in Tamil..he he…and suddenly I am holding my Laptop and cleaning lots of dust out of it. The next day, my laptop stopped working well. I was really upset about it and now trying to fix it myself.

What I realized from this dream is Saibaba wants me to address the New age Sai devotees.

Irrespective of the fact that I touch various topics such as relationship and education, Sai wants me to do something better to engage younger Sai devotees.

Sai’s treasure obviously will be in a old, solid, box made of iron which none of you like to carry. His spiritual treasure is left behind as we go for more colorful, sophisticated needs.

May be, Sai baba wants me to uncover his treasure from his antique box and drop it for Sai devotees like a pearl from Ocean in the era of “Internet for Things’ where everyone and every thing is connected.

I did plan few projects earlier because today, we are used to more visual way of life. You have million reasons to ignore Saibaba’s path of light and hence Sai servants should create million reasons for you to love Sai. ┬áMany people still consider a spiritual effort or for instance a website or App for Sai telling about few good stuff is old fashioned. Most of the media stays away from spiritual sites like this and never write about us especially since they think we are addressing one specific set of people.

I have few principles which is laid by Sai. So taking Sai’s love deep into the heart of both old and young Sai devotees takes some understanding of what people actually like. People don’t like speaking about Karma because every one speaks about it. They don’t want to listen if I ask them to move on with life or have patience. In the Instagram world how will I create an impact in the life of every Sai devotee and that too in a positive way?

Let me work on a project and see if if that’s what Sai wants. Give me sometime because I already spend lots of money doing some work for Sai and immediately Sai will hint me that its not right. So now, I have to wait until Sai guides me what works well to engage all Sai devotees on a day to day basis.

Really late for work !

Sai bless my Pa and Ma with good health.




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