Beautiful 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba with mother-in-law

Sairam friends,

Today is Krishna Janmashtami, auspicious for Lord Krishna. I remember how Radhe Krishna came to our house few years back.

I wish to share a beautiful 108 lamps Pooja done by a devotee with help of her mother-in-law in the U.S

Here’s the mail and the photos…


I am Ranjitha from USA.We are devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba ,i came to know about through my friend Revathi from UK.
Its really a great site for sai devotees,good work venkat garu..keep it up.
Couple of weeks back we did a 108 deepam’s pooja to sai baba after reading your posting in the site.My Mother-in-law helped me to make it a success,we were very happy yo see sai baba in those deepam’s around him.I would like to share those pictures to you and other who visit the site.
Sai Ram
Ranjitha gudala
Beautiful photos of Shirdi Saibaba and 108 lamps pooja
Saibaba lamps
Look how gloriously Sai is shining as he is happy for the lamps offered to him

Baba is now made happy by these sweet devotees..

sai devotees lamps
Baba is happy

I wish all of you try to do this 108 lamps pooja. It just takes few hours and pure devotion along with cooperation of your family members. Please make sure you do it in a safe place. Keep kids in safe distance.

shirdi saibaba divine pooja
shirdi saibaba divine pooja

I made sure that the title of the article has the word “Mother-in-Law” especially since its an expression of harmony in the family.

May Sai bless you all with a beautiful, happy life.

Om Sai Ram

I am in hurry now



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  1. Our Faith in Sai has pulled us to StarSai. We are indeed glad to be here.God bless the author Mr.Venkatraman and Baba ever shower His Grace on him and fulfill his wishes.

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