Radha krishna came by Sai Leela – Surprised how a vision in wake up state can materialize

sairam friends,

This evening at around 4 i felt tired and wanted to lay down few minutes before starting to Nagasai mandhir ( shirdi sai baba temple in my hometown ) as usual for seva near dhuni. I was worried about life and whats going to happen .So can’t sleep at all. I kept chanting Sai Ram Sai ram Sai ram all the while.

radha krishna
Radha krishna came home by sai leela

Photography of Radha Krishna who came to our house by Shirdi Sai Baba’s grace . Though Radhe looks more beautiful than how this statue has come out , i still feel she’s beautiful in this statue too. I see her love and affection for krishna.

After sometime i was tired but not in sound sleep i know i have only closed my eyes and laid down. I can clearly see image of Beautiful Radhe Krishna exactly in my pooja place. Its surely not a dream and i can’t say a vision to as i never do much of meditation.

Beautiful Vision of Radhe Krishna :

I only was doing Naam smaran “Sai ram…. sairam …. sairam” as i do it for years togather and suddenly i could see had the darshan of Radha Krishna beautifully shining in my pooja place. I slowly raised and looked at the small round wooden pooja stool . I even saw a particular area in stool which had enough space to accomodate Radha Krisha.

At times we never know if such visions are really happening or we imagined it. I just felt sai will bless me with a good girl as my wife and as it has become the most important prayer of my parents these days.

It was around 5, i lit lamp and hurried to Shirdi Sai Baba temple and did my cleaning work, taking off lamps which is put off , dropping coconuts in dhuni etc.

Sai Surprised me when i found a Little Radha Krishna statue near Tulasi plant :

I went near the place where theres sacred Tulasi plant adjacent to Dhuni. Usually devotees will do mischievious things like keeping old sai baba statues which are broken , old photos of gods exactly in this place and move away silently..ha ha…..at times these things even goes to dust bin and at times other devotees take it, if they like these statues and pictures.

I was really surprised friends…I never imagined it..Yes ..I saw a beautiful little Radha Krishna Statue kept near the Tulasi plant.  Seems some devotee has decided to get rid of this Radha krishna and by Sai Leela, i was motivated to have it with me.

I din’t felt like taking it immediately . I thought its meant for me , so i shall take it later when the night aarathi starts. Then after doing all service, i went near the Tulasi plant, took the small Radha Krishna statue , showed into the hot Dhuni to make it more sacred and went to have prasad with my friends.

I told them what happened and they were really happy to listen to this leela friends. Truly a wonderful experience . For first time in my life i realized how a Vision in wake up state can materialize by Sai Leela. Few hours before i never even thought of showing devotion to Radhe Krishna , i got a vision and now when i am back home , i see Radhe Krishna in my Pooja place glittering as if my life will shine too.

Sai Leela matching the incident in Sai Satcharitra :

In Sai Satcharitra a devotee chants Gods name and asks saibaba for assurance if he will get Vision of Vittal ( Panduranga ). Sai keeps his holy palm in his chest and says Vittal will surely come . Only when a devotees heart is full of devotion he can be seen but catch him when he appears.

As Sai assured the devotee will have vision of Vittal and the same afternoon a man selling painting of Vittal similar to the one he saw in vision comes to shirdi and the devotee gets the painting.

Friends, When i have lots of worries , this leela has helped me realize how Sai Leela works. Its predetermined that some devotee , some where is supposed to dislike their Radha Krishna statue and keep it in  Shirdi Sai Baba mandhir. If i had not got the vision before i start to sai baba temple today, then surely i would just seen the radhe krishna statue and never thought about taking it home .

Sai blessed me with this beautiful vision and then took me to the temple to show me Radhe Krishna . How  can such things happen to ordinary Sai devotee like me ? I do chant

Sai ram

Sai Ram

Sai Ram always and may be this is Sai Baba’s way of Encouraging me or probably as i first felt may be its Saibaba’s assurance that Surely i wll be blessed with a good Wife.  If we see it Spiritually ,it could be because of my devotion to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha as i am doing a pooja in a old Lakshmi Narasimhar temple for past 3 weeks.

what ever it be, Radha Krishna has come home.

Sacred dream during night which helped me realize how power is my pooja place :

It was already 11 at night when i came home so i could not take photo of Radha Krishna. I wrote this article and slept hugging shirdi saibaba’s book.I was blessed with a dream like this the same night.

I saw a huge Banyan tree and few trees around it. Lord Ganesha statue was below the tree and it was so real as if he is really living. I can even see his lively eyes and Ganesha seems to be happy.

I look upwards and was surprised to see beautiful Radha Krishna shining emitting “Rays”. Friends,yesturday i wrote the words in this article

” Radha Krishna came home , Simple. Beautiful and Shining with rays of Love and harmony.”

May be to assure me that Radha Krishna are really shining with Rays of Love and Harmony , Sai had blessed me with such a dream where Radha Krishna is shining emitting rays. It was as if i am standing in middle of forest and having darshan of Lord Ganesha and Radhe Krishna.  The best part is i see myself standing infront of Banyan tree and trying to Photograph with my camera. Suddenly i realize there are two snakes, One snake is just 5 feets away from me and another snake few feets away. I am thinking about fastly photographing Radha Krishna and juming away to escape..Ha ha….

I woke up….Continued to sleep another 2 hours remembering this sacred dream of Radhe Krishna and kept the Radha Krishna exactly as i saw in dream which you can see in this page.

Friends , Radha Krishna has come home !

Simple. Beautiful and Shining with rays of Love and harmony !

May Radha Krishna bless all Sai children

Jai Shri Krishna

Om sri Sainathaya namaha


16 :9 :2010

More about this Story :

2 days back i had dream as if i am giving lots of sweets Laddu to cows and in this vision also i remember Radha Krishna with a cow behind Krishna. Today i learnt Lord Krishna lives with Radha and Many of his gopi’s and devotees in Goloka . “Go” means Cow.

Showing a stranger a medical shop to get medicine for Cow bitten by Dogs :

3-4 days back i was in bus and a man asked the conductor of bus showing a visiting card how to reach this place. I turned back, saw the card and found its a medical shop which i know very well in a road behind sai baba temple. Another man was telling him the way to reach. I told him i myself will take him as i go to sai baba temple.

Then that man said he has gone all the way to Ooty ( a hill station ) to get medicines for his cow which was bitten by 2 dogs but they said they have medicines only for humans and not cows. So he was directed to this medical shop in coimbatore. On hearing this i really wanted to help this man.

I got down the bus and explianed him everything in details like how he must take his bus back to Erode , the Bus number etc. The man never showed any gesture that a stranger is trying to help him. He walked 5 feet behind me always and i had to turn back often to see if he is following. I even showed him this is Shirdi Sai baba temple i am supposed to go but to show you the medical shop, i will walk ahead.

Finally only when i showed him the medical shop, it seems the man believed me and smiled. I told him “I worship cow , thats why made sure i show you the shop” , asked him to come to sai baba temple when he is free and came to temple.

Friends,the reason i share this incident is that Sai gives us chances to do little favours and only when we do it whole heartedly we are blessed with spiritual experiencs and also blessings for better life.  The fact that Radha Krishna came home may not be just a reward for my Naam smaran of Sairam…sairam…sairam always in mind…but the heart which melted on hearing that a cow is bitten by 2 Dogs and i must surely do the little i can to get medicine for this Cow. I only know this mans name “Kandhaswamy from erode” but he has played a role in making me a instrument in helping a cow which could have pleased Radha Krishna .

the Message is

Simply showing devotion is fine but when Sai gives you chances to do little good deeds make use of it.

Let us always , do good deeds as much as we can …

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3 thoughts on “Radha krishna came by Sai Leela – Surprised how a vision in wake up state can materialize”

  1. i dnt fear whn u r ther with me baba, i shud still develop a very strong belief in u which shu lead me ina gud way so that i can help the people in need. baba hats ur responsibility…………baba i knw that u r here and listening ……baba baba baba

  2. Sairam Venkatji,

    Really you are a blessed soul, Baba made u meet with Radhe krishna. Baba has something best in store for u.

    Baba bless u

  3. Its really Great……

    The vision which you have described, not same but it looks like…

    My dream was “There is RadhaKrishna Mandir in Shirdi near back of some hotel, though i can clearly view these images of Radha and Krishna. ”

    I was just searching in net is there any mandir near hotel in shirdi, surprise your article is first i seen and I think this was my answer. I am not devotee but premi of My Krishna… my family from mother side is devotee of Sai Baba and also my husband is devotee of Shree Sai.

    By reading your words i seen your bhakti is simply great…

    I read your article after many year but i feel is real incident in front of me.

    Thank you for sharing your vision…………giving me an answer.

    Jai Sai Ram….

    Jai Shree Krishna………….

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